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A question for the universe
Sasha Blaze
Why, oh why, do almost-affordable Black Cat Lucases (um, Luci?) keep appearing on eBay to torment me?

Why did Customhouse come up with new snarky-sexy boy headmolds to torment me?

I already have more BJDs than I have time to spoil and pamper. I don't even want to think about how much money I've poured into the hobby this year.


To be serious for a minute, though: two non-LJ dolly friends have had/will have major surgery this week. Spare some positive thoughts for L. and L., if you might?
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*positive thoughts*

You know...having been in the dollery for some long time now...I've decided that the accurate wording of your spot-on query is "A Question for the Universe Within." The Universe is not taunting us with beautiful resin - but rather, we ourselves, are in longing...and therein is the teaching.

I've been considering this hourly for the past few weeks - everytime I walk past the worktable and spy the BW Woosoo sitting there, eyeless, face-upless, wigless...and wonder how we've grown so far apart, he and I. He was the mold I actually laid down on the floor and ached for! And now...I think I could let him go. Actually, I feel that sinking love sensation where I KNOW that he is GOING to go....


I think I understand my longing for the Lucas . . . I do feel, and have felt for some time, that one missing member of my resin crew is a charming puppy-boy with big melting eyes and the ability to wear younger/sillier outfits than my generally solemn or lethal gentlemen prefer. That classic Chris/Lucas/F-16/School A continuum is so very appealing--there are good reasons why those heads have been, and remain, wildly popular. I had thought that the Narin would play that role, but he didn't quite work out. Hum.

With the new CH heads, though, it's mere-schmear acquisitiveness. I can pass by all the Els and Chiwoos in the world without wanting one, but CH gets me where I live. That said--after another long hard look at Io, Zero, Hyun, and Lain, I think I still prefer the older CH heads. Someday my crabby orange-faceupped Han will come . . .

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