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More insane squirrellity
Sasha Blaze
Coupla sweaters in progress (these are spoken for) . . . Paul, yours is begun, but it isn't far enough along yet to photograph.

And, in my fickleness, I've been seized with a fresh and fierce longing for one of Aoi-Tuki's wistful Amazon girls. My oddball female crew would welcome another sister, ne?


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pretty girls! and I LOVE that kimono, it's gorgous!

really like the colors in that second sweater (no, self, you do not need to buy more clothing for the dolls, bad self)

the bad self has a question, are you able to make those sweaters without the turtleneck?

Oh, yeah--crewneck is an easy option! (I'm working in the round, so, alas, V-necks are a royal pain.)

Aren't the Aoi-Tuki girls nice? The body is so interesting, too--tall and pear-shaped, with full breasts and wide hips and truly intimidating thighs. It would be tough to dress one, but the challenge might be worth the trouble (and, after all, I'm not finding Mally Lee nearly as hard to clothe as I expected). The kimono IS lovely, though I think I prefer the faceup on the poor girl in the pink Playboy Mansion getup. Hum, hum, hum.

something tells me Mally prefers not to wear too much clothing :)

Yes, the face-up of the girl in the pink outfit is lovely, the kimono girl's is more urban looking (to use a Volks term, lol)

crewneck eh? See, Volks had this wine colored sweater set for SD13 girls that I fell in love with, but the price was more than I wanted to pay, since it was the sweater I wanted and not the jeans. Of course it didn't help that they used a Madoka to model it...
and actually I think it would look better as a crew neck...so I have to ask if you could do one and how much? (and the fit can be looser than this if needs be)

What a cute sweater! In all honesty, though, I couldn't reproduce the drape and fineness that's part of its appeal--not for the price Volks is charging fullset. Handknitted, that one would need laceweight yarn and size 00 or smaller needles, and it would take ages to make. BUT . . . someone who sews could make one from knitted fabric(s), and I suspect it would be both quick and fairly simple. That's what Volks has done: the sweater is cut and sewn, not knitted to shape.

I really should learn to sew. ;-)

Aaaaaand for a girl who--you're right--isn't inclined to wear all that much clothing, Mally is acquiring an extensivish wardrobe. *sigh*

Such gorgeous work, C. Really, really top quality and very beautiful.

Sweet girl!

Aw, thank you! But I look at them and can only see what could be finer, better, more painstaking . . . ugh.

By the way, a few weeks ago a sewing friend of mine carried off that beautiful remnant of gypsy-scarf fabric, promising to make something for Kanbei. *sniffle* I'm ready for it NOOOOOOOWWWWWW.

Something about the contrast between the voluptuous body and the sweet-sad face of the Aoi-Tuki girls is really talking to me. What to do, what to do? Sleep on it a little longer, I suppose.

Beautiful sweaters. Have I said nearly often enough how much I adore Kapono's sweater. It's just perfect. And tomorrow I'll put him back in jeans so he won't be wearing it with his surfing shorts. All the boys go back to long pants tomorrow except Ty, I need to find some for him, or make them.


I'm *so* glad that you like it! And I still didn't see anything terribly wrong with the combination of sweater and surfing shorts . . . sure, I would turn and stare if I saw Kapono on the beach in that outfit, but that's because I would be thinking heyyyyyy look at the gorgeous guy! ^_^

It is most definitely time for long pants here. The house is downright chilly this morning, and as I look through my dining-room window, I see that the leaves across the way are already red and yellow. Brrrr.

Your sweaters ARE incredible. I so look forward to the arrival of my Hounds new fall prezzy. Will keep you posted!! ;)

Ahhhh, yours is primped and fluffed and all packed up to mail when the P.O. opens this morning! <3 <3 <3

Such nice sweaters ... when my boys gets a face and develops a personality I want one for him!
Bid on a body for him today so ... he really just needs a face now.

Oooooooooo, he's coming together . . . how exciting!! *crossing my fingers for the body auction*

I'm resolutely NOT looking at the BC Lucas. Not, not, not. That's mainly because I'm now spending most of my time mooning over the Aoi-Tuki auctions, jeez louise.

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