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Kimono musings
Sasha Blaze
So, let me ask . . . IF I were to buy this Aoi-Tuki girl, would anyone be interested in buying the kimono? It's beautiful, but I don't like it as well as sets I already have.


The trouble is that I like both of Aoi-Tuki's current girls very, very much, and it would be a hard task to choose between them. But this morning I'm leaning toward the kimono girl with her pearly makeup; she looks a little less sad than her sister, and while I'm greatly in favor of the grumpy-Romantic-melancholy-posturing sort of BJD, out-and-out sad ones make me uncomfortable.

And while I'm at it, this is BJD-kimono-sorting day at my house. I'll have at least one or two for sale later on--I just need to run a couple of errands and then I can take and post pictures.

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I'm finding myself wondering if you've got anything tasty in a DS size - perhaps we could work a trade for that teal SD16 kimono?

Another girl? I'm excited for you! Really rounding out your wonderful group!

I've been watching Aoi-Tuki's auctions for quite a while--since they first popped up on Y!J earlier this year. This is the first time she's put up two that I liked so much . . . and while I should NOTnotnotnotNOT spend doll-sized money again this year, boy, it's very hard to resist both of these at once. *ditherdither*

I do have one DS-sized kimono set that I haven't used as much as I expected to--pictures to come!

Depends on how much you'd sell the kimono for. I might buy it.

One possibility! T'anks--and I'm still in the dithery stage that can last for some time, so I truly don't know where this is heading. If anywhere. ;-)

She's a pretty girl! How big is she?

she be beeeeeeeeg. Not super-tall and lanky, like the Models, but, um, rice-fed Kansai farmgirl big-all-over big. Here are Aoi-Tuki's body comparison pix with an SD13:


Got quite the tushie on her, doesn't she? She's nifty! Are you gonna get her?

I dunno. I truly dunno. But I'm feeling extremely weak in the resistance department right now. ^_^

Something about getting Mally Lee has opened the girl-BJD floodgates for me . . . she's a bad influence!

Aoi-Tuki's girls are built like a brick outhouse, as my mom would have said. The thighs awe me even more than the rear. Pants would not be an option, I suspect.

Is she gonna be a whole 'nother size you are going to have to buy clothes for? Or can she wear SD-13 stuff? That's always a factor for me. I am still slightly on the fence about keeping Julia for that reason. I love her, but her lack of wardrobe saddens me.

Email me if you want me to help talk you out of (or into) getting her. LOL. ;)

This is the question of the century, of course. Though since both of my girls and half of my boys (well, okay, Sejong, but he FEELS like half all by himself) are already odd sizes, I'm feeling a little immune to the worry about clothes. Hm.

I find that Mally Lee can squeeze into a lot of SD13 things, especially tops and skirts if they aren't too cropped. Pants are more of a problem, but she's sharing those with the Dollshe guys (no lewd jokes, please). She just doesn't *like* most of Claudine's wardrobe, even though she can wear quite a bit of it . . .

You know I wanted that one they sold on eBay....this one would be perfect for someone here!

Ooooookay . . . now I hafta do some hard thinkies.

I hate doing hard thinkies. It hurts. ;-)

I have a kimono set that might work for your Someone, too--I'll email you in a second.

Wow~ as you say, she's cornfed! My brother is HUGE, he was a lineback, and he calls himself the Cornfed Korean. XD;; I love both of the girls~~ :D :D

The Cornfed Korean, heh. Love it! I have a Cornfed Chinese student this semester--well, half Chinese, half Hispanic.

Agh. I need a willpower transfusion. Or maybe a good sense transfusion.

I guess my question is; do you know anyone who has the doll?
(She's 62cm tall and I think she's one of the tallest girls out there.)

No, I don't, and that's a good question! I have a vague notion that someone on DoA mentioned buying one, but now that I look, I can't find any such thread.

It would be an experiment, buying one of these sizable girls, that's for sure. And I *don't* need to spend the money (especially after my great plunge into Mally Lee-Land, when I had told myself NO MORE DOLLS THIS YEAR, after all the unexpected expenses of late summer). Butbutbut--such a sweet face, and such an interesting, unusual body--

Ack. ;-)

With all the new dolls, and companies out there....
It's hard to know what's good and what isn't.
I keep thinking about what Anu said about all the, "gold miners." And I do know some of the dolls aren't quite what I had hoped.

gawd, I would love to buy it, don't know if I have any girls big enough for it, lol, maybe it would fit hound?

oh, if you come across any kimonos with bunnies on them, memememememememe!

hopefully you won't post any for sale until much later tonight when I get home from class :)

Sadly, no bunnies here . . . if I had one with bunnies, Claudine would insist on keeping it, though. ;-) We have dragon brocade, we have scenic embroidery, we have geometric--

And I'm leaning back toward Pink Loli Girl right now. I am SO indecisive, sheesh.

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