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La voila! Voila la Carmencita!
Sasha Blaze
Les jeunes gens:

Carmen! sur tes pas nous nous pressons tous!
Carmen! sois gentille, au moins reponds-nous!
Et dis-nous quel jour tu nous aimeras!
Carmen, dis-nous quel jour tu nous aimeras!


Quand je vous aimerai? Ma foi, je ne sais pas.

Peut-etre jamais. Peut-etre demain.

Mais pas aujourd'hui . . .

. . . c'est certain.


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Soooo lovely!
At the beginning I thought she was draped over a piano.....the "torch singer" in her was calling me, I guess.

I wish I had a piano the right size for her, oh, yes. Though I have no idea where I would put it. These petty practical considerations, feh.

Wow! Wow! These are really wonderful shots of your very smoky girl! Could that look be any more perfect for her?!?!!?!

What a fantastic wig! And where did you get the luscious outfit?

I am *very* happy with Poshdolls' new venture in mohair--now I'm waiting for more of the chocolate brown to turn up on eBay. And the yummy outfit is another eBay find, from a seller I hadn't seen before: warlord036.

Hey, I'm emailing you a kimono picture!


I'm still wrapping my mind around the concept of your breathing baby . . . but now I can't help thinking about her every time my computer exhales.

Those girls are rather fun to pose aren't they? Nice wig! Mally Lee can really do the mohair look. Julia, unfortunately..cannot. :P

I'm still surprised that this mohair wig works so well--I bought it on a whim, and expected to sell it on in short order. But it's a keeper!

I dunno, I think Julia might pull one off, in the right mood--no?

She's so beautiful. This post really shows off how fluid and looong her body is, too. And that wig just rocks on her.

I'm so glad you got her - you're doing wonderful things with her and I get to see lots of her! Yay!

It's such a blast to dress her and pose her--and I love her in jeans and a T-shirt just as much as in anything else.

Of course, yesterday she insisted that I take four more wigs out of the "sell" box because they look good on her . . .

These are *beautiful* photos!!


She loves you and loves the camera, I can tell ^_^

(And that outfit . . . I'm in lust!)

-- A <3

Looooooove the outfit. Loooooooove the doll. Much resin happiness!

I really HIGHLY recommend this seller on eBay--nobody seemed to notice the outfits (and there were a slew of them), but they were well-designed, nice colors, and priced more than reasonably. Now I kinda wish I had grabbed one of the green or gold ones, too.

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