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Doing a quiet happy dance over here in my little corner
Sasha Blaze
What an interesting yesterday-evening it was! I'll just say that all thoughts of the Aoi-Tuki Amazon girl are on indefinite hold, and that Claudine is getting her unattainable dream-of-dreams boyfriend, thanks to what I'm convinced must be some weird form of resin destiny. Pictures to come, probably this weekend if the mail is efficient.

Good luck and stout hearts to all of you who are in the Bermann hunt. And courage to those of you who are suffering from disillusionment, disappointment, illness, or sorrow.
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so you are the one :)

um, um, um

tan skin eh?

Why, yes . . . I do believe so . . . and while it's been referred to as "orange," that's a foul canard. :-)

This is the doll that got me hooked in the first place. I've loved him (via pictures, of course) from afar since I barely knew what BJDs were. I really, honestly can't believe that he's come my way, so suddenly and so unlooked-for.

well, the expert on the tan ones, Ms. Mia, has stated that CH tan is the lovelest of all...



Bermann-love for some, CH-love for others . . . marvellous news!!

Can't WAIT to see this mysterious dusky gentleman unveiled >:D

-- A <3<3

well, if I can get them to accept my payment...either they aren't ready for it or others put in payment that didn't get the doll, which was mentioned in the e-mail...shame on them...

left message on the 1:1 board, at least I know that they won't sell the doll unless a person got the e-mail...

ohh and as to Sedens boy, why I believe he's been unveiled if someone knows where to look :)

(actually he had his clothes still on if I remember correctly)

*snerk* Weird geeky earflap hat and all . . .

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