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*taptaptap* Claudine would like your attention for a moment, please.
Sasha Blaze
Hihi! I can't stay online very long because I guess we're all going to Kansas City for the opera tonight--well, okay, maybe not ALL of us, but the human one of us--but I just HAD to post, I'm so excited I could POP, you know how that feels, right?

Um. I'm going to be REALLY serious right now, so everybody listen.

I know people will think it's just some kind of crush or something, because I'm not, like, eighteen or something, but I've loved somebody for a long LONG time. Since we were both in the Forest of Ai. That long. Only he went to live in England, and I went to live in America, and then I moved, and then he moved, and I was sure I'd never actually see him or anything, just his picture.

But something really, really, totally amazing happened.

And now he's here.

This is Flynn. He says I can do the talking for now, because he's still kinda boxlagged and all.

I'm so happy.


doesn't claudine **ALWAYS** do all the talking??

they look REALLY awesome together!!!!!!!!!! Customhouse LOVE!! squeeeeeee!!

awesome. what a dolly week for both of us, hey?? YAY!!!

Hee! We could have a mini-Customhouse convention, just the two of us . . .

Claudine would argue that she does all the talking because she has better things to say than anybody else does. ;-)

I really laughed "boxlagged" PERFECT together!
I just love them both.
Lucky for him that Claudine can do all the talking!

He really is leaving me with my jaw on the floor--what a beautiful doll! I was the tiniest bit worried that he might look too much like Pen for comfort, but no, definitely not. *jumping up and down*

Aww, so cute! X3

(Though I must admit, I skipped the subject line, and for a very confusing moment, thought your journal had been hijacked due to the speech. ^^;; I'm smart.)

Hee! All kinds of voices are liable to take over my LJ . . .

Well, no, probably only Claudine's. I don't know why she's developed this much personality, but it's too much fun to stifle.

(Deleted comment)
Aw, thank you! I'm pinching myself, still--it's been a whirlwind of a few days, huh?

Oh, C!!! (The human C not the gloriously happy resin C.)

Congratualtions - again! :) He is gorgeous beyond words and yes, dollie dreams can and do come true! I'm thrilled for you and for Flynn! Can't wait to see more of this handsome boy!

boxlagged *snort*

This boy is a HUGE part of BJD history, for me: yes, the Ainomori Juns are elusive and special, but Flynn's appeal is a lot deeper than his rarity. It was pacific_rin's article in an early issue of FDQ, and her headshot of Flynn in particular, that hooked me. Those pictures are why I bought Pen--they led me to the CH website, and eventually (months later) I got over the huge mental block about spending "that kind of money" on a doll, then took the leap of ordering an unlimited CH Ai Gene.

And now *that doll* is here. Not one from the same edition, or one like him, but . . . Flynn himself.

Wow wow wow! He is fantastic!!! They look wonderful together. He has such a sweet, relaxed expression, I bet he's going to be really soothing to have around. YAY!

I had forgotten, since Pen's newness wore off and I got interested in other BJDs, how comfortably a CH boy settles onto the lap. I adore the tall lanky ones, but they aren't lap-sitters (for one thing, it's hard to type around those long arms and legs, LOL). Something about the size and weight and balance of Customhouse boys feels so *right* to me--and, as much as I love the more realistic faces of the Dollshes, those classic CH stylized faces get me where I live.

Very, very happy. Much picspam to come.

Ohhh you GOT him!! I remember him up for sale just recently . . . that is really cool that you brought him home. SWEET!! Look forward to more pics of him and your lovely girl too. ;)

It all happened SO fast--I feel as if I've been run over by the Mack truck of doll karma. While the rest of the world was in the middle of Bermann agony, I was having my own version . . .

OMG they look SO happy together!
Flynn is so pretty....well so is Claudine, but omg they are FAB next to each other!!

Claudine looks SMUG, that's how Claudine looks. I was trying to capture dreamy bliss, but her default is smug and self-satisfied. Oh, well--we all have our flaws . . . ;-)

CH dolls look so good together, and so hopeless with most other BJDs--there really is a clannishness about them!

Squeeee! I love reunions! XD I've always liked the Custom House tan best.

I wouldn't say no to a Volks sunlight boy someday, but . . . CH is SO special to me, and Flynn is absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous. I want to try him as an Indian prince, with dark eyes and a black wig, but I'm enjoying his defaults too much right now.

Eeeee - so happy for you!!! They look wonderful together!

Thank you, Janne! He really is a dream come true--I never said anything in public about wanting him, because I didn't see the point, but for me Flynn is THE one. There are two or three early CH boys that I would hock my furniture to get. I'm glad I didn't have to, though. ;-)

Yay for Claudine! I am envious of your good dolly week. ^_~

Congrats! He's wonderful! They are really cute together.

The balance of the universe is SO strange--I dearly wish you could have had as good a dolly week as I did.

*hugs* and you know you're on my mind--

It's the Jun!!!


I knew it :D

they look so cute together, congratulations!!

Hee hee hee . . . what an amazing whirlwind this week was, huh?

MORE huge congrats on your Manu! I'm keeping my eyes open for big-cat skins, just in case he wants to change off now and then--

Keahi: ::::grins madly:::: new boy new boy *confetti*

me: he's really a wow! They look great together.

*Dancing in the confetti shower* Thank you, Keahi!

He is so totally a wow--and so much himself. CH headmolds always seem self-possessed and quietly confident to me (well, okay, loudly confident in Claudine's case, but that's the eyebrows' fault).

I'm feeling as if my BJD crew is nicely balanced, at least for now: three tall lanky ones on one end (two boys and a girl), three CH Ai on the other end (two boys and a girl), with the oddball DollTi and Unoa boys in the middle.

EEE!!! So gorgeous! :D :D :D

Also, when do you have a weekend(saturday or sunday?) free so that I may swoop down to Emporia and visit with you and take measurments of your SD16? X3

Ah . . . er . . . the swooping would be FANTASTIC, and how about some Sunday (I usually have to do music at church at 6 p.m., but you'd want to be on the road before then anyway)? . . . but, er, the SD16 isn't here anymore to take measurements of. Part of the mad whirl of this past week was selling him to make bank-account room for Flynn, and he's already on his way to someone on the flist.

*weak smile and wave, like Max the Grinch's dog*

OMG! I love the way Claudine is clinging on to him in the 2nd picture. He still looks pretty good for boxlagged! ^_______^

Congrats to C and C!!

Thank you! And Claudine says that she'll probably keep her stash of Hook pictures for nostalgia's sake, but she won't sleep with them under her box futon any more. ;-)

*What*, by the way, is the eye Hook's wearing in your userpic here? Is that his default? It's gorgeous with the tan.