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*taptaptap* Claudine would like your attention for a moment, please.
Sasha Blaze
Hihi! I can't stay online very long because I guess we're all going to Kansas City for the opera tonight--well, okay, maybe not ALL of us, but the human one of us--but I just HAD to post, I'm so excited I could POP, you know how that feels, right?

Um. I'm going to be REALLY serious right now, so everybody listen.

I know people will think it's just some kind of crush or something, because I'm not, like, eighteen or something, but I've loved somebody for a long LONG time. Since we were both in the Forest of Ai. That long. Only he went to live in England, and I went to live in America, and then I moved, and then he moved, and I was sure I'd never actually see him or anything, just his picture.

But something really, really, totally amazing happened.

And now he's here.

This is Flynn. He says I can do the talking for now, because he's still kinda boxlagged and all.

I'm so happy.


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Keahi: ::::grins madly:::: new boy new boy *confetti*

me: he's really a wow! They look great together.

*Dancing in the confetti shower* Thank you, Keahi!

He is so totally a wow--and so much himself. CH headmolds always seem self-possessed and quietly confident to me (well, okay, loudly confident in Claudine's case, but that's the eyebrows' fault).

I'm feeling as if my BJD crew is nicely balanced, at least for now: three tall lanky ones on one end (two boys and a girl), three CH Ai on the other end (two boys and a girl), with the oddball DollTi and Unoa boys in the middle.

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