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*taptaptap* Claudine would like your attention for a moment, please.
Sasha Blaze
Hihi! I can't stay online very long because I guess we're all going to Kansas City for the opera tonight--well, okay, maybe not ALL of us, but the human one of us--but I just HAD to post, I'm so excited I could POP, you know how that feels, right?

Um. I'm going to be REALLY serious right now, so everybody listen.

I know people will think it's just some kind of crush or something, because I'm not, like, eighteen or something, but I've loved somebody for a long LONG time. Since we were both in the Forest of Ai. That long. Only he went to live in England, and I went to live in America, and then I moved, and then he moved, and I was sure I'd never actually see him or anything, just his picture.

But something really, really, totally amazing happened.

And now he's here.

This is Flynn. He says I can do the talking for now, because he's still kinda boxlagged and all.

I'm so happy.


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I had forgotten, since Pen's newness wore off and I got interested in other BJDs, how comfortably a CH boy settles onto the lap. I adore the tall lanky ones, but they aren't lap-sitters (for one thing, it's hard to type around those long arms and legs, LOL). Something about the size and weight and balance of Customhouse boys feels so *right* to me--and, as much as I love the more realistic faces of the Dollshes, those classic CH stylized faces get me where I live.

Very, very happy. Much picspam to come.

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