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Oh, well, I knew it all along.
Sasha Blaze
Lifted from tubbysnuggles:

What type of Fae are you?

I wanted to be a Dark Elf, dammit. "When in doubt, lob a second grenade," that's my philosophy. Only no one will trust me with explosives.

Must take a trunkload of recycling down to the plant, hope for good light so I can reshoot the "soldiers and poor" picpoemspam, do something about the BJD clothing bins that seem to have exploded all over my living room . . . finish catching up on the laundry, finally force myself to put together the paperwork for that last tax return, check into the asylum for a nice rest cure . . .

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i should take it again - there were a lot of those questions that, depending on my frame of mind at the moment, I'd answer differently.

you're not callous, ever.

Pshaw! There are many, many people I would gladly see rot in hell.

And yeah, I see how to manipulate the answers to get the Dark Elf result . . . but it was too funny to have this pop out my baseline INTJ personality on the first go.

Oh, now, see? Creative and insightful! There you are.

Plus, that picture is so cute it makes my teeth hurt.

Waaaaaahh! I wanted grenades! ;-)

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