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A Prince of the Captivity
Sasha Blaze
How's that for a title? It's a phrase that caught my imagination a long time ago--John Buchan used it as the title of one of his adventure novels (not one of the better ones, I'm sorry to say, but then nothing measures up to Greenmantle). And I thought it was evocative in the right way to go with these pictures:

This MHD outfit--another dream I've chased but never expected to catch--is unbelievably beautiful. It turned up on eBay, out of the blue, at the same time that Karin posted Flynn for sale. There are three more pieces, but I don't have time right now to do as much recombining as I intend to do.

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this is SO COOL!!! it's so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gorgeous pictures. he is so cool!

I am INSANE for him. It feels so right to have him here--like there was a Flynn-sized gap in the household, only I didn't realize it.

I do think there may be one more girl Out There for me, to give me a perfectly rhyming trio of trios (2 Dollshe + Model; 2 CH boys + 1 CH girl: D + B-el + ????). But whether she'll pair up with Shunshou, or Sejong, or neither of them, I don't know. We'll have to see.

Wow, those colors are dead on perfect for him!

ARGHRHENRLGH, I knooooooooowwwww . . . I nearly plotzed when I started dressing him in this set. Magalie D. is some kind of genius.

SO perfect for him ...I almost that that was his default outfit

It looks as if it had been made to go with his tan resin! I can never reconcile myself to putting Pen in elaborate fantasy outfits like this; he always looks uncomfortable in anything that isn't straightforward and realistic (yea, even boring and preppy, LOL). Flynn will be my adventurous fashion-forward boy, evidently . . .

ARRTRGHGHGHGHG in a good way. He's stunning. Just gorgeous. Lucky lucky person.

I do feel VERY lucky--that another deal worked out at the same time, so I didn't have to worry about spending the money--that I saw Karin's post in time--that I didn't dither long enough to miss out on him. I truly wonder about the serendipity of things sometimes!

Oooooooh! I REALLY like him in that - what gorgeous colours and the fabric looks incredible! So, to scale!!! Hats - I'm such a sucker for bjd headwear - perfect!!!!

He is Wonderful!

I am KICKING myself that I didn't buy the Roman sandals that someone (Cherry Street~Sera?) had for sale on DoA--they would have been perfect with this outfit. But I do have a pair of those strange Souldoll "Eskimo" boots, come to think of it . . .

Just wait till you see the other outfit pieces! They're made of the gold/teal/magenta brocades in the hat--a pair of wide pants, a short padded vest, and a long sleeveless coat. *dying of the fabric love*

And hats, indeed--this boy takes very well to hats. Also to MHD outfits, which often include hats. *goodbye, retirement fund*

love the colors...........ooooooo short padded vest sounds kool

I keep wanting to pile all the outfit pieces on him at once, but that doesn't show them off very well. There are photoshoots to come, when I have more time!

(Deleted comment)
It's just impossible, the way things worked out . . . and for *this outfit* to be on eBay *this week*? All I can do is laugh when I think about it, because it's too weird to believe. My job makes me crazy, my house is a total disaster, my friends are all stressed out and unhappy--but I do have dolly luck. Works for me. ^_^

It was made for him!! I know it was!
Wow, I do love the colours in it, and the style is wonderful.
She made the frog closures, didn't she?
Where's the rest?? I bet that's wonderful, too.

Yes, the frogs are all handmade--so are the rosettes and the knot buttons and ALL the trims, as far as I can see. (!!!) Some of the frogs need another stitch to secure them, and I want to sit down and do those tiny repairs before I dress Flynn in the outfit again. (I feel like a museum curator here, LOL.)

And then there's the other MHD outfit that Flynn is sporting right now: the "leisure set" with the baggy batik pants and another little cap, over a pair of thermal briefs and a short-sleeved pieced sweatshirt. Funky and adorable and, again, it looks as if it had been custom-made for him. I suppose I could just arrange for Magalie to send all boy outfits straight to me; it would be simpler in the long run. ;-)

He looks most Princely indeed in that outfit! So glad you got your dream boy. ^_^

So, so strange . . . the way things happen.

*hugs* thelyn

Very beautiful!!! That fabric looks SO beautiful! What an awesome outfit and beautiful on that doll!

I love the lighting in your place! It's so soft and inviting.

I'm telling ya, you need to play with your white lighting and ESPECIALLY with your tan dollies and do blue underwater effects! Like under the sea mermaids and men...your Doti would look like the SEX!!! XD

Sorry... I am on MASSIVE pain killers. I HAVE no inhibitions right now. Maybe I should shut my computer down and not make comments. All I can think of is sexy dollies. :/ WTF?

Wait. That's all I usually think of, but I don't tell.

Heeeeyyyy, watch out . . . this one's only 15, and I don't want him to get too many grownup ideas! ;-)

The idea of the Dollti as a merman, though--ooooooooooo. And again, ooooooo. I'll have lotsa time to play after January 1, and I WILL!

What are you on painkillers for?? Are you taking care of yourself, woman??

THIS outfit and Flynn were made for each other!! GORGEOUS COLORS!! ;)

It really is like bringing him together with his long-lost default outfit! I'm still shaking my head over the whole set of coincidences. ^_^

purty purty purty!!!


Oooooo, thanks!! Exotic tan boys RULE!

He's just gorgeous -- wow!!

Claudine must be absolutely over the moon -- loved her little commentary ^_^

How was the opera??

-- A :D

Oh, aaaarrrrgghhhh--that trip didn't pan out after all, at the last minute. But the next one is in early November, and *that* will happen, for sure--

He looks awesome in that outfit ! Love the fabric ..and that hat!
He also looks comfortable sitting there....

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