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You didn't think I was done with Flynn for the weekend, did you?
Sasha Blaze
There are so many photoshoots I *could* do--Mally Lee in the bundle of new clothes she's acquired recently, Shunshou in his little navy silk haori and samurai wig--but I'm on a roll here. MHD outfit #2:


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sssssh! He's only 15! ;-)

I forgot one:

He's very handsome!

I wanna see Mally Lee in her loot too though! Specially the Mutti stuff so I can forward them to her. She always likes seeing...



Like Julia, Mally has some serious nippleage going on with the b&w print top. ;-0 That flyaway top makes me want to squee, too--it's just so girly and flirty and pretty. Both of them will work well with the ivory pants from the Dollmore outfit--yay for mixing and matching.

He looks marvelous, what a great face he has. The blues look gorgeous against his skin.

(I want to see Mally's new stuff!!)

What, nobody's panting to see Shunshou? In his samurai wig? *sniffle*


CH dolls are such a law unto themselves--they really don't mix well with others (except maybe the very first Volks heads), but on their own or in all-CH company, they are utterly fabulous. I had forgotten that, a little, but Flynn reminded me. Forcibly.

I love it!! This outfit is alot of FUN. It looks like something I would wear!! But your Flynn looks ten times better in it than I would. *laughs*

The little boxer briefs under the baggy batik pants deserve a picture of their own--I ran out of light a bit too soon. Valentine was selling this one on DoA, and I snagged it for no good reason; I couldn't figure out who would wear it (Pen, my CH Gene, is far too dignified and preppy for clothes like this), but I loved it anyway.

Syzygy, that's what it is. And I bet I'm not spelling that right, but I'm too lazy to look it up. ;-)

What a cute outfit! Hat=adorable!

I remember seeing this one "back when," but at the time I only had Pen, and couldn't imagine making him wear it . . . yay for new boys with more adventurous tastes in fashion!! ;-)

I really like her choice of fabrics!! Seriously!! This lady is amazing!
And she likes the pillbox hats....a la Jackie O.

I'm digging this outfit, too...^^
what is her web site? Do you have it?

Magalie has an incredible eye--her outfits make me so happy, and even though I've never managed to snag one directly from her, I've been lucky on the secondary market. (No, I take that back: I did buy two MHD stretch-print unitards for Claudine, and with fall coming on, we need to get those out again.) Magalie is big on hats--the pillboxes tend to go with the boy outfits, but wait till you see the hats she makes for girl dolls of various sizes . . .

The website is www.dolloutfits.com. Enjoy!!

Oh wow he is gorgeous!!
This outfit really suits him, the colours are lovely :)

Do you mind if I add you? ^-^

Oh, please do!! Thank you--it's so nice when people come by to see what I'm up to. :-)

aeeee i love it!!!!! so cool! eepers!!!!!!!

Isn't it? And SO un-Pen-like. Flynn is definitely his own man . . . though Pen may come back from his great adventure with a little looser approach to life, who knows? ;-)

Iam happy to see more of Flynn...!
Please take more photos!
I'd love to see him with Pen too ~*~*~**~

M., you changed your name!!! ;-) I was scratching my head for a minute or two there, but handsome Grae clued me in.

Oh, yes, expect many, many pictures of Flynn and Pen together--but at the moment Pen is off on a Grand Adventure--he will return with a gorgeous new faceup, *ssssshhhhh*.

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