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You didn't think I was done with Flynn for the weekend, did you?
Sasha Blaze
There are so many photoshoots I *could* do--Mally Lee in the bundle of new clothes she's acquired recently, Shunshou in his little navy silk haori and samurai wig--but I'm on a roll here. MHD outfit #2:


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He's very handsome!

I wanna see Mally Lee in her loot too though! Specially the Mutti stuff so I can forward them to her. She always likes seeing...



Like Julia, Mally has some serious nippleage going on with the b&w print top. ;-0 That flyaway top makes me want to squee, too--it's just so girly and flirty and pretty. Both of them will work well with the ivory pants from the Dollmore outfit--yay for mixing and matching.

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