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Sunday afternoon snapshots
Sasha Blaze
Mally Lee: Right, then. Who's for a trip to the mall?

Her entourage: The mall? There are fourteen football games on TV!

Shunshou: I am a wandering ronin. Under my sedge hat, I travel the roads of Japan, seeking to right wrongs and defend the innocent. Someday I will be the hero of a 97-volume manga series.

Me: Er, Shunshou, I don't think that's exactly a sedge hat. One clue would be the matching handbag.

Shunshou: I am an extremely well-coordinated wandering ronin.

And one that doesn't need dialogue:

Mally Lee is wearing the Dollmore "City Life" outfit--more of her new clothes to come (though probably not today, because it's turned off cloudy and dark)! Atsumori's sweater and pants are from Luts, Lyon's turtleneck from Domuya and pants from Wicked Stitchery. Shunshou's haori is from lilmissmaya on DoA; his non-sedge hat was a present from tubbysnuggles. (And all the pictures with the matching handbag came out blurry, dangit.) Claudine's jacket is from Happydoll, and remind me not to photograph her against a white background, because it washes her out something awful . . .
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I love the outfit on Mally, perfect for the fall season!

The pieces are so terrific, too--the top will be adorable with a little skirt for summer, and the pants go with everything. Yay, Dollmore!

I LOVE the non sedge hat. Well co-ordinated wandering ronin. Okay that so made me smile.

I really have to do a sequel: the wandering ronin with his coordinating handbag. Shunshou's ego is completely ridicule-proof.

Your posts have been utterly and completely delightful lately, hon! Every since that Big Girl came home...nope, earlier than that - the moment that your boy spied her on Ebay...it's just been so totally uplifting to come to lj and find a treasure of a post from you! Thank you for that!

This is too cute - that hat!!!!!!

And your darkly handsome one is still so very alluring!

So, inquiring minds want to know - mall or football???

Awwww, thanks! To quote my beloved Congreve:

There's humour, which for chearful Friends we got,
And for the thinking Party there's a plot.

This loopiness is keeping me distracted from the fact that it's physically and mentally impossible to do everything that I'm supposed to do before the end of December . . . so I might as well laugh, and hope to make my LJ friends laugh, you know?

And I'm afraid football won, mainly because it's a good mindless background for darning in ends on sweaters. Mally is still standing here with her new purse on her arm, looking impatient. Lyon still looks as if he started hitting the beer a while ago. Atsumori still looks anxious--I think I need to wiggle his eyes around. ;-)

oh that wig on mally lee! dang she's a looker no matter WHAT you put her in. that outfit rocks. that top is SO SO CUTE. omg. stylish and tall... ack and skinny - she's my SISTER! LOLLLLLLLLLL

i am so in love with shunshou and his somewhat tenuous grasp on reality.

does claudeenies have in wee pigtails? SQUEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't she look good? I do think I like her in wigs with a little more volume than this--or maybe the problem is that this one makes her look like my least favorite cousin, heh--but it's definitely not bad.

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout? Shunshou is the sanest of all of us. ^_^

And, darn it, I need to do wee pigtails with that wig! Actually, what you're seeing are her earrings and my shaky hands . . .

Boy this is the realistic weekend scenario ALL FALL!! The guys want to sit around watching upteen football games, . . . the ladies are stir crazy and want to get out - maybe go shopping. *g* Too funny!!

I so wish I had Dollshe-size beer cans . . . HOW I wish I had Dollshe-size beer cans . . .

ROFLMAO...Oh how I adore Shunshou the Mighty. So much...

Love Mally Lee in her outfit too! Yowza!

That's Outfit #1--those pants are going to show up again, with Mutti tops!

Shunshou says that you may leave offerings of sake and folding money at the gate of his shrine. Visiting hours are 10 to 3, closed on bank holidays. ;-)


I still say Sejong owes me a hug.

I reported that, and he hurled both hands all the way across the living room. Plus one foot. I think that meant "real men don't give hugs" . . .

I LOVE all the outfits! Mally Lee looks teh smexy woman!

She is such fun to dress--and I'm thrilled that she can wear so many SD13 tops. Pants, no, and skirts tend to be too short, but tops work just fine, yay!

okay, now with that hat I expect Shunshou to be wearing a pink flowered kimono in the next series of photos...

Hee! I'm trying to restrain him. He has a nice blue hakama set, and that will have to do . . .

. . . though I do have a bright pink flowered Tyler kimono, come to think of it!

now all he needs is his saki and his zanpakuto and he'll be set :)

Ha! I suppose a zanpakuto in the form of a retro summer handbag wouldn't be very convincing? (I'm trying to figure out what kind of fighting a handbag-form zanpakuto could help with. Huh.)

Well, I think Shusui Kyoraku probably would rather have a handbag than a zanpakuto, could carry his sake in it, might be useful in picking-up women, and makes a nice pillow when needed. Interesting that like Shunshou, he likes to talk...

I love how they all look ^-^
And the cute comments made me smile :D

Thanks! Your Momoko is SO beautiful--I will get over there again to comment, because I have to take another look at her . . .

lol I just love that first picture ^o^
I'll go shopping with you Marry Lee~!!!

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