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The SD16 formerly known as Kanbei . . .
Sasha Blaze
. . . will shortly reappear elsewhere on the flist, under a new identity. Kanbei leaves behind many pretty pictures, which may well continue to pop up on a computer screen near you.

Sejong wishes his traveling companion well, as they take different paths in resin life. Everyone else here would like to note that they always did suspect Kanbei of being Someone in Disguise.


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Bye Kanbei! Have a safe and prosperous journey. ^_^

Sejong is a little brat, Cynthia... ^_~

Hear that thunk? That's a resin foot, scoring a near-miss on your forehead.


aww~ I'll miss him, I really liked him. X3;; I still want to get together with you some weekend! D:

I still love his face (and hands), and I miss the *idea* of having him, but the body made me nuts most of the time. And given the choice between Flynn the Unattainable and Kanbei the Potentially Re-Buyable Someday, well . . . ;-)

We HAFTA get together some weekend! I hate this year. And last year. Feh.

Fare thee well, Kanbei! Even though I do know where he's going...I will still miss him in this incarnation!

Thank you so much, C, for sharing this gentle warrior with us!!!

He is indeed photogenic . . . and I can't say I'm finished with the SD16 forever, because I suspect I'm not. But for now, it's time to wave him on his way, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this shell changes in new hands.

Flynn the Unattainable huh?

Good luck Kanbei, hope to see you soon. Hope I'm on the right people's LJ.

Well, I thought he was unattainable! Life is freaky. ^_^

And I'll point you in the right direction if I don't see you over there . . .

Your Kita-on-the-way is an absolute darling! I love Narsha faces. Yay for new additions to the resin family!!

all the girls here just said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

maybe this means someday I need a Yuki of my own....hum

I feel a teeny-weeny bit of "NOOOOOOOOOO!" myself, but, on the other hand, there may well be another Yuki in my future. For now, though, it was a question of choosing between the limited and the at-most-two-of-a-kind (at least as far as I'm aware). It feels like the right decision at this time and in this place, and the future will have to look after itself . . .

yup, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Every moment of the past somehow impacts our future......
this boy is no exception.

And neither is the tan one who's sitting next to me right now! ^_^ We are very happy.

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Ooooo, I would LOVE one! And I'm sending the Paypal right now--yay!!!

I finally got a look at your pictures--I LOVE all the props you've found and made!! And the calligraphy set rocks--the one I found is much less detailed (I'll have to get a picture of it at some point).

The screen is a vintage piece that I found at the very end of a doll show; the seller didn't want to pack it up again, so she sold it to me at half price (I think I only paid something like $30 for it, woooooooo!!).

that's a bargain! I saw one like that but less detailed selling for like $100! im like .... whaaa???? I think I'm gonna make my own >_<

ah thanks so much for the payment! I will send them on Monday :D as it's the weekend here now and post office is closed til Monday T__T... The challenge is to find the right sturdy box to package them in safely :D

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