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Sweater on the block (so to speak)
Sasha Blaze
Anybody think you might want this one? Foldover crewneck, back snap closure. "Weathered" navy and silvery gray yarns are acrylic; cream and tan are wool. The usual price: $40 shipped in the US, $42 international, or if you have stuff to swap, LMK! I think this one would fit an SD16 best, though it's okay on a Dollshe (as you can see) and oversized in a cute way on an SD13 boy (though I tend to think everything looks cute on Flynn). I still need to do the finishing, wash it, and block it--though I probably won't get that done this weekend, thanks to a slug of grading and prospective-student visits tomorrow.


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It is be-u-ti-ful. My Hound loves his sweater and since a cold front finally came through . . . he's ready to try it on for a photoshoot. :)

I'm *very* glad the sweater suits your handsome gentleman! I still need to get more of that sportweight yarn, but it's going to be a while before I'm near a yarn shop and can finger and feel and compare, *sigh*.

Hey I need your advice. I am getting ready to order my Saint some glasses from Leekeworld. Which size should I order? The SD13 boy size or the SD boy size or the MSD boy size. My thought is to try the SD boy size. HELP!! ;)

SD boy size, DEFINITELY--that's the size that Atsumori wears. After too many disappointments with oversized glasses, I emailed Leeke and asked what they would recommend for Hound and Saint, and they told me to order the SD rather than the SD13.

Cynthia makes the best sweaters!

Awwww, thanks! I wish I had more patience to design nifty unusual shapes and things, but . . . I'm stuck in the 1950s, what can I say? ;-0

Kapono is living in his sweater. This new one is gorgeous. Of course I'm broke right now.

It's those adoption fees--they do add up! ^_^ I'm excited about seeing all the new additions to your resin family, and, believe me, there will be more sweaters where this one came from . . . I keep looking at my yarn stash and thinking hmmmm, THAT color with THIS color, maybe . . .

oh wow!!! that's awesome! I love all the sweaters you've ever made!! i will definitely contact you when one of my guys needs a nice sweater :D they're all sort of the jacket-wearing type >_

Atsumori would be much, MUCH happier if I would leave him in his hakama all the time, or else a pair of raggedy jeans and no shirt . . . notice the furious glare in the second picture . . . ;-)

Wa I just love that jumper~! So classic ^o^
And the colors look great :3

Awwww, thank you! I have MUCH too much yarn sitting around in plastic bins . . . ;-)

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