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No storyline at all, at all
Sasha Blaze
These ladies aren't called "Dollmore Models" for nothing, eh?

Mally Lee's two fabulous tops are by thelyn's Mutti! And does anyone have a suggestion about how to keep Monique Gold wigs from tangling and going all flyaway? I love the silkiness of the fiber, but both of the ones I have are hard to manage, and getting harder as winter dryness sets in.

I've been on a shopping binge for Miss Mally lately--I keep seeing cool boho Empire-waist tops and short dresses to put over leggings, and I can't seem to resist any of them. *sigh* for the checking account. It's almost a problem that she fits into as many SD13 tops as she does . . .

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She is just beautiful, absolutely a gorgeous girl doll! I love those tops!

The Monique Gold are...problematic. But, I really like them and am considering purchasing this one you have - of which I own two - in both black and white...and yet, I hesitate because of the tangling/flyaway issues. Use a dryer sheet - that helps loads - and a brush instead of a comb.

Aha! I don't use dryer sheets for my laundry, but I do have a package for fashion-doll hair (and why didn't I think of that? I have such a compartmentalized mind, sheesh). *advancing purposefully on the wigs*

I think the Dollmore models are gorgeous dolls and such a temptation, but I don't NEED another girl doll. I have three already and think that's enough. But I am truly fond of your Mally Lee and especially love her in the short red Monique wig. I really LIKE their wigs.

Are you considering the new TALL lanky Dollmore model boy? He's face is nice, but that body is long and wonderful!! ;)

Ahhhh, thank you! The Model body is great, great fun, especially with the addition of a Luts neckpiece (Mally had a bad case of the head wobbles until the neckpiece went in). And the short wild wig is actually one of Poshdolls's mohair skin wigs, to which I am addicted now--the sizing is unpredictable, because there's no elasticity in the cap, but the length and fullness of the mohair are wonderful.

I'm horribly afraid that I'm falling for the Model Boy, pouty bland prettiness and all. I love the Mannerist shape of him! He could lounge around being vain and useless while the rest of my crew disapproves . . .

She is really gorgeous, just wow :)

Thank you!! And, awwww, your adorable userpic--I love that sly little expression.

wow ..shes amazing gah what nice lines ...if you want to send me an email,i have a FREE long coat that I'm looking to give to someone with this size girl {i made it for my luts girl but its too long and i don't want to take it apart and fix cuz its fully lined lol} ...send me a message to: crybabymommie
I can show you what it looks like and you can decide.K? crybabymommie

i use yahoo.com mail

ooooooo, you sweet thing! email is a-comin'! ^_^

I am a big fan of these tall Dollmore girls (and now boy)--the bodies are so nicely engineered.

what about running some moose through it? I used that on some of my synth mohairs and it helped a lot. We used regular moose and hair spray in the costume department on the modacrylic wigs, so it should be fine for little wigs too. Beyond that most sallie's or beauty supply stores sell synth hair spray on conditioner that helps a lot. If you can't find it there, I can grab some at the sallie's here and bring it down when I visit... at some point. e.e;;

Mousse is a good idea--it would tame the flyaways without stiffening the fiber too much (something I was fussing about when I thought of getting out the spray gel). Emporia doesn't have any beauty supply store except the one that only professional hairdressers are allowed to buy from, grrrrrr, but *surely* I'll get out of town to shop someday . . .

On second thought, if we can find a weekend when we're both free, maybe you CAN hit up the Sally's in Manhattan first. Grrrrrah.

Roxy and I are free most weekends... and LeAnne's free most Sundays I think. It's really up to you, I know you've got a much busier and structured schedual than any of us do. X3 The only factor we have is when LeAnne's ex has their daughter, the tori-monster. She's 4. She's good with the dolls, she won't touch them without asking and she doesn't throw a fit if you say now. But she will run off with all your ribbons and beads. XD she likes sparkly things.

I keep my monique wigs tamed with my "Sooper Looper" wig brush I got at Sally's. That and wet fingers works wonders.


Aha! A trip to Sally's is definitely in order--the wire-bristled wig brush I have isn't a huge success with these Monique Golds. Wet fingers, I do try, but I guess my house is dry enough that I get the flyaways again in seconds. *sigh*

Cynthia, she is gorgeous.
When you bought her, I wasn't too sure about her, but these photos are awesome.

How do you think she poses in comparison to the dollshe boys? I'm not thrilled with the dollshe bodies at all.... >_O
I'm so spoiled by the smaller boys.....

The Model bodies pose much, much, MUCH better than the Dollshe ones--Mally can actually hold her arms in almost any pose (and hold small objects!), plus, she stands in twisted, off-balance positions with little or no support. I'm not smart enough to figure out what in the jointing makes such a difference, but the difference is most definitely there.

The new Model boy is speaking to me because of the posing . . . he's disturbingly Mannerist and spidery, but I also have good reason to think that he would do more than clutch his hands to his throat and look alarmed, as my Saint insists on doing *all the time.* ;-)

I'm still wondering why everyone has to have a dollshe boy, especailly now.

I guess you have to see it....then you can't believe it. *sigh*

Anyhow, does your model just have to one torso joint? Hyon was saying that the one joint adds to the stability of the bigger dolls, which does make alot of sense. Plus it makes for a flatter belly.

Yes--one torso joint, and beautiful curves from there to the leg joint. That's what I like so much about the CH and SD13 bodies; they balance beautifully, and there's an elegance about the single torso joint that always makes me happy.

That said, I do love my two Dollshe boys for all kinds of sentimental reasons, despite their uncooperative body designs . . . but if I could wave my wand and eliminate that abdomen joint, believe me, I would.

I've seriously considered gluing that joint in place X_x

I hear that sueding it makes all kinds of difference, but I've been far too lazy to try.

Poshdolls mohair skin wig, eh? *toddles off to look*

Mally is awesome as always!

-- A <3<3

ooooyeah, look on eBay! I'm sold on these mohairs from Elaine--I'm not a fantasy-wig person, and these look like real-person hair. (Mally's wig looks pretty much exactly like Sher's hair, which is affectionately named Veronica Denise.)

Ooohh, thank you!

Amusingly, Sher has a wig that looks just like MY hair (it's Ianthe's default) . . . which is nicknamed "Medusa's Coil" after a Lovecraft story ;)

What is Poshdolls' eBay name? I can't remember, and nothing's coming up when I search. D'oh! I do see some of the wigs on Elaine's site, though, thank you!

-- A ^_^

oh, eeeek, it's some odd combination of letters . . . eylcwsd . . . which I can NEVER remember without looking it up.

Wowie I love the sheer starie top ^_^ Very smexy

The red frizzy wig and tattoos looks great on her too. She's a very spunky lady XD

That she is!! She'll masquerade in long silky pretty-girl wigs for fun, but she looks most like herself in the oddball ones. ^_^

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