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No storyline at all, at all
Sasha Blaze
These ladies aren't called "Dollmore Models" for nothing, eh?

Mally Lee's two fabulous tops are by thelyn's Mutti! And does anyone have a suggestion about how to keep Monique Gold wigs from tangling and going all flyaway? I love the silkiness of the fiber, but both of the ones I have are hard to manage, and getting harder as winter dryness sets in.

I've been on a shopping binge for Miss Mally lately--I keep seeing cool boho Empire-waist tops and short dresses to put over leggings, and I can't seem to resist any of them. *sigh* for the checking account. It's almost a problem that she fits into as many SD13 tops as she does . . .

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I think the Dollmore models are gorgeous dolls and such a temptation, but I don't NEED another girl doll. I have three already and think that's enough. But I am truly fond of your Mally Lee and especially love her in the short red Monique wig. I really LIKE their wigs.

Are you considering the new TALL lanky Dollmore model boy? He's face is nice, but that body is long and wonderful!! ;)

Ahhhh, thank you! The Model body is great, great fun, especially with the addition of a Luts neckpiece (Mally had a bad case of the head wobbles until the neckpiece went in). And the short wild wig is actually one of Poshdolls's mohair skin wigs, to which I am addicted now--the sizing is unpredictable, because there's no elasticity in the cap, but the length and fullness of the mohair are wonderful.

I'm horribly afraid that I'm falling for the Model Boy, pouty bland prettiness and all. I love the Mannerist shape of him! He could lounge around being vain and useless while the rest of my crew disapproves . . .

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