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No storyline at all, at all
Sasha Blaze
These ladies aren't called "Dollmore Models" for nothing, eh?

Mally Lee's two fabulous tops are by thelyn's Mutti! And does anyone have a suggestion about how to keep Monique Gold wigs from tangling and going all flyaway? I love the silkiness of the fiber, but both of the ones I have are hard to manage, and getting harder as winter dryness sets in.

I've been on a shopping binge for Miss Mally lately--I keep seeing cool boho Empire-waist tops and short dresses to put over leggings, and I can't seem to resist any of them. *sigh* for the checking account. It's almost a problem that she fits into as many SD13 tops as she does . . .

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Ooohh, thank you!

Amusingly, Sher has a wig that looks just like MY hair (it's Ianthe's default) . . . which is nicknamed "Medusa's Coil" after a Lovecraft story ;)

What is Poshdolls' eBay name? I can't remember, and nothing's coming up when I search. D'oh! I do see some of the wigs on Elaine's site, though, thank you!

-- A ^_^

oh, eeeek, it's some odd combination of letters . . . eylcwsd . . . which I can NEVER remember without looking it up.

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