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Dolls in Japanese culture
Sasha Blaze
Go. Read. *sniffle,* if you're a sentimental geek like me.


Edited to add my small Shinto deity, for the story and for happy-birthday wishes to Karin:

(Sadly, all my attempts to take a birthday picture of Flynn turned out to be perfectly awful. *hanging head in shame*)

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Thanks for the link - what a great read! So tender...very nice! In many ways, the things we believe and hold true so fiercely in our childhoods...seldom move into our adulthoods and this article was quite refreshing in that respect.

One of the elements of Japanese culture that attracts me most is exactly this respect and affection for dolls--"things with eyes, noses and mouths." Gorgeous-book recommendation: Alan Scott Pate's Ningyo: The Art of the Japanese Doll, in which there's the wonderful observation that for its whole history, Japan has been "a doll culture."

If my sabbatical application is approved for next fall, I'll be able to go to Japan. I would love to time it so that I can attend one of the "thanks and goodbye" ceremonies.

Oh, I do dearly hope your app is approved - I can think of no one who would appreciate such an adventure more than you would, my dear!

(Deleted comment)
No, I had managed to miss it completely! Aside from the obligatory cynicism at the end, that's a nice piece--and a Volks hotel on the grounds, hmmmmm? The idea interests me strangely . . .

Hope it was a happy birthday!

the shoes... THE SHOES.................. this is awesome. just awesome. he is so great!!!

Are those hysterical, or what? He has a pair of less flamboyant geta, too, but I thought the insane ones were appropriate for the full regalia. And even though his stringing needs to be tightened, he stands like a little trooper. *unoa love*

*sniff* Awww, that IS really lovely!

-- A <3<3

Isn't it a nice sniffly concept? Wah. I'm thinking of the childhood dolls I have carefully stored away . . . I need to decide to give them to someone I know who collects baby dolls, or else pack them up and take them to Japan with me. IF I get to go next year.

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