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Then at the inn I had food, fire, and rest . . .
Sasha Blaze
Picpoemspam behind the beautiful ronin.

The Owl

Downhill I came, hungry, and yet not starved;
Cold, yet had heat within me that was proof
Against the North wind; tired, yet so that rest
Had seemed the sweetest thing under a roof.

Then at the inn I had food, fire, and rest,
Knowing how hungry, cold, and tired was I.
All of the night was quite barred out except
An owl's cry, a most melancholy cry

Shaken out long and clear upon the hill,
No merry note, nor cause of merriment,
But one telling me plain what I escaped
And others could not, that night, as in I went.

And salted was my food, and my repose,
Salted and sobered, too, by the bird's voice
Speaking for all who lay under the stars,
Soldiers and poor, unable to rejoice.

Edward Thomas (written February 1915, published 1917)

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Aw, thanks! The big sword was surprisingly cheap from some online martial-arts shop--I had always wanted one, and then I decided I had an excuse to buy it, with the advent of both Hound and Yukinojo. The short sword is a horrid plastic 1/6 accessory, lol (one of several reasons I sepia-toned these pictures).

(Deleted comment)
Whoa, isn't that gorgeous! 6 1/4 inches, though . . . that would be a short sword/dagger for D, I *think*. The little plastic 1/6 swords I have are 8 inches (including the hilt), and they're a bit too long to be belt daggers for him.

The big sword I have is 14 1/4", tip to tip. It's pretty good for Yukinojo, just about perfect for Hound, but oversized for D. (Little shrimpy thing.) On D, it looks like the huge ridiculous sword that Toshiro Mifune's character lugs around in Seven Samurai. ;-)

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