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Happy birthday to Rachel!
Sasha Blaze
Mally Lee wants to wish her creator the best of all possible birthdays, even though she's not much into baking cakes . . .


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What a GORGEOUS portait! Truly stunning!

Thank you! This was one of the outtakes from that first wig-extravaganza photoshoot--I had forgotten I uploaded it. And now I can't figure out which wig that is . . . maybe the Aziza "oatmeal raisin" one??? Hrm.

that is so awesome cynthia, thanks :-)

(your photos are always incredible)

*hugs*! And I hope you had a fabulous birthday!!

heee heeeee there's that gorgeous girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rachel is amazing, isn't she??

That she is!!! (Both of 'em!) ^_^

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