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IDEA: flist eye swap?
Sasha Blaze
There's been a fair amount of talk about eyes on the flist lately, and I've been doing my share of eye sorting and wibbling without posting about it . . . so how about an LJ eye swap?

Here's the idea. By October 25, a week from today, let's all post the list/pictures of eyes that we would like to trade off, along with a list of sizes and colors that we would like to have. Maybe we can tag the entries "eye swap," so they'll be easy to find. Then everyone can browse at his or her leisure, and we might manage to rehome some eyes within the family, so to speak.

Whaddya think?

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that sounds like a great idea!

The only spare eyes I have are eye candies or ED eyes. Unless someone also has some nice urethane eyes to switch, I probably wouldn't be up for it. ^^;

It is a cool idea, though. ♥

Never say you have "spare" fancy urethanes around me, you'll make me start hurling money at you. Just sayin'. ;)

Haha, I'm decidedly low on spare urethane eyes at the moment. Only 3 spare 14mm pairs and one spare 18mm. I'd let the 18mm go for some 18mm taupe gumdrops, though. ;D

I love the taupes, too - they're on my want list. I'm in the market for 14mms, though, so if you ever decide to sell them, I hope you post on your Lj about them!

After I get Tian, I'll know whether or not I'm gonna keep my Y4/Red Brown 14mm pair. But other than that, the Oke, Rose Violet, and ED #1s are just all too pretty in Xiyang Jin to sell. X3

I hear you! And yeah, Xiyang Jin deserves all the eyes he can get. Yum.

I'm game, I've got all kinds hanging around. I is an eye ho.

that sounds fun, I have a couple pairs of nice ones and some home made ones. :3

I love the idea and have about five or six pairs of eyes I need to sell . . . sooo I'm not sure about swapping. Trying to get some much needed cash for future purchases. ???

I'm game.....eyewhoring is my thing!

Joins eye 'ho group ... I may have some ED's to trade as well.

*glomps you for your ED eyes*

I'm in, too!!

I need to try to take pictures, but . . . sounds awesome :D

-- A <3<3

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