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Weekend plans, lol

1. Finish watching Chushingura.
2. Finish alpaca rollneck sweater for commission.

These tasks can be combined, more or less.

3. Make decisions about the last four pairs of eyes I need to try in Lyon and Atsumori.
4. Take and post eye pictures (not v. promising, as it's raining steadily and dark as anything)
5. Listen to Anonymous 4's Gloryland CD.

Another natural combination, yes indeedy.

6. Go back to non-doing white cable-knit sweater design and see whether I can make it work.

7. Sew together the adorable "geranium"-variegated cardigan for Claudine that I knitted, um, a year ago. And the goofy multi-yarn pullover for the Sashas that I knitted longer ago than that.

8. Oh, that's right. Er, finish reading A Bold Stroke for a Wife and Shirley Strum Kenny's article "Humane Comedy" so that I will sound intelligent to my graduate students on Monday. Sadly, this can't be combined with anything else. *wishes for special Reader and Notetaker in-home service that would allow class preparation while knitting* *or, hey, a nice helpful husband*

I spent 5 1/2 hours yesterday grading homework for the remedial composition classes, but at least I don't have any left to do this weekend. I know I'll need a few groceries, but not enough to worry about today. One quick run to the post office, and I'm back on the couch like the Sloth Monster I aspire to be . . .

Eyes a-comin', even if I have to use Teh Ebil Flash!
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