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Sasha Blaze
The first day of spring--it's better than New Year's Day for resolutions, huh? Having never been much of a journal-keeper, I'm not 100% sure about this project, but . . .

. . . well, here we are. Kanbei, say hello.

Yeah, he IS all that, isn't he?

So. Anyway. This journal will be about dolls and books, not necessarily in that order . . . with some anime and manga thrown in there, too . . . and whatever other obsessions I develop along the way.

Homework assignment #1: go watch Kurosawa-san's SHICHININ NO SAMURAI. And then go watch the anime transformation of it, SAMURAI 7. You all wrote that down, right?

See you next time . . .

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Wow - an SD16!!! I cannot believe how similar our tastes are in the resin boys!!!

What a fantastic photograph - I cannot wait until my Big Guy arrives - and that anticipation is made so much more acute with the sight of such easy-going sexiness. Nice!

Don't start doubting the journal yet...wait and see if you get hooked. ;)

Getting hooked is exactly what worries me . . . I'm so good at avoiding work already . . . ;-)

Thanks for the kind words, and for nudging me to do this--it was a fun way to, well, avoid housework on my day off!

I really can't wait to see what you do with your Young Odin--

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