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Eye swap pictures!
Sasha Blaze
When in doubt, consult the manufacturer's website for better reference pictures . . . sorry for the crummy ones here, but I'm out of patience and out of light right now. My first preference would be to trade, but selling is fine (make me an offer!), and of course if you have something nicer than I do (not difficult to achieve) I'll do whatever is needful to make a trade even.

Squishy eyes for swap or sale:

Masterpiece 17mm Spanish, Masterpiece 21mm Pastel Violet:

Masterpiece 17mm Verde Natural, Masterpiece 19mm Mystic Hazel (I wish I could get a decent picture of these, because they're very cool: dark teal blue with copper flecks):

Masterpiece 13mm Fawn, Soom 16mm Nile blue:

Glass eyes for swap or sale:

hold14mm Glasaugen, light blue:

18mm Global flatback glass, gray (not as blue as this picture looks; nice white threading)

20mm Volks HG glass, bottle green

Other eyes for swap or sale:

14mm Souldoll P40:

18mm Souldoll P103, "earth":

18mm Volks metallic, green-gray

20mm Volks metallic, cobalt

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pretty. Need to get mine organized.

It was a job, I have to say, and after all that fiddling and fussing, I STILL didn't get good pictures. Bleah. ;-)

Are the 14mm Gray ones from Luts the ones that came in Atsumori? Curious.

Yup--they're WAY too big for him and they don't suit anybody else. I want to find a pair of 12mm in that shade of gray, if I can . . .

I am interested in the 14 mm luts grey ones. I'll get my set or trade-eyes up tomorrow!!!

Whee! I just left a note in your LJ, because I had been planning to order those hazel pinched Hands eyes for my CH Gene--

oh wow these are all so pretty!! I suck, i didn't get pictures, it took me the WHOLE FRICKING DAY yesterday to work on joonie's halloween story, so today i have to do laundry, upload more photos from said story, i vacuumed and went to the grocery store, plus there's one of my patented badly photographed photostories involving the minis that is just begging to be shot... poor underappreciated minis....

those purple hands eyes are pretty. never heard of "hands"

"Hands" are what ginarolo sells--the #400 style with the threading are VERY pretty, but this purple doesn't work for Flynn (the only one who wears 16mm around here at the moment). Sometime I want to get this color in 14mm for Mally Lee (I like her better in 14 than 16, after a lot of experimenting).

Well...I am TOTALLY interested in the Saint-sized eyes -

14mm Glasaugen, light blue (do these NOT fit in your SA then????)
Masterpiece 13mm Frisco Bay
Soom 14mm Spotted Gray


I've got a ton of eyes here - what size/colours are you hoping for??? I'll put my pics up by tonight!

Back to add these to my wishlist -

Soom 14mm Caos

Do you think the "MP Fawn" would work for Jim?

And I need to get these CH jeans out to you...

14 is just too big for the SA, and I have 14mm light blues that I like better for Lyon (his Tensiya defaults) . . . I'm SO bad about buying eyes that are almost the same as eyes I already have, urk.

I'm open to just about any possibility from 10/11mm up through 18/19mm, except for the extremes of pale and dark--I like midtones, boring creature that I am. (Though I would love to have a pair of vivid burnt-orange or red-orange in 12mm for Sejong.)

Aaaaand I think the Fawn *might* be a little orangey for Jim--they're actually a fairly startling bright color in person, and they glow like anything. It's a nice effect, if that's what you're after . . . obviously I wasn't . . . ;-)

Okay, then. :) Well, I'm really interested in the Soom and the 13mm Frisco...and I just love the blue of those glassaugens...but if they're too big...groan...

I've got a nice pair of 17mm MP Frisco...18mm Volks Metallics...I've got reds, but not in the smaller size....

BUT, you know, I have an SA--I think the glasaugens would work better in a regular Saint (or Bernard) . . .

Yes to the 17mm Frisco, for sure!! what color do you have in the 18mm metallics? I'm sort of interested in goldy/brown metallics--I haven't liked the look of the green and cobalt pairs I have, for some reason. Someday I'll grow up and figure out what I like. ;-)

It's funny I JUST bought some MP eyes in the 13mm fawn. Have yet to try them out though. Mine are not too orange . . . more in the rose range.

Oh, isn't that interesting--because mine are definitely more orange than rose, at least the way I see colors! (I'm coming to realize just how variable people's color perceptions are, though--I have a friend who routinely calls colors "gray" that I see as blue, and "brown" that I see as gray.)

D'OH!!! I literally bought that EXACT SAME PAIR of Volks bottle-green 20mm eyes yesterday!!! *headdesk*

I need to get mine organized (I am currently in the grip of a deathly head cold) . . . thanks for getting yours up!!

-- A :>

AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! *sniffle* along with you . . . 'cause these are lovely, but really too dark for Claudine (my only 20mm wearer). :-(

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