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Eye swap pictures!

When in doubt, consult the manufacturer's website for better reference pictures . . . sorry for the crummy ones here, but I'm out of patience and out of light right now. My first preference would be to trade, but selling is fine (make me an offer!), and of course if you have something nicer than I do (not difficult to achieve) I'll do whatever is needful to make a trade even.

Squishy eyes for swap or sale:

Masterpiece 17mm Spanish, Masterpiece 21mm Pastel Violet:

Masterpiece 17mm Verde Natural, Masterpiece 19mm Mystic Hazel (I wish I could get a decent picture of these, because they're very cool: dark teal blue with copper flecks):

Masterpiece 13mm Fawn, Soom 16mm Nile blue:

Glass eyes for swap or sale:

hold14mm Glasaugen, light blue:

18mm Global flatback glass, gray (not as blue as this picture looks; nice white threading)

20mm Volks HG glass, bottle green

Other eyes for swap or sale:

14mm Souldoll P40:

18mm Souldoll P103, "earth":

18mm Volks metallic, green-gray

20mm Volks metallic, cobalt
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