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Mally Lee models Biba
Sasha Blaze
London, 1972:

Mally's Biba minidress is actually from dollsbyrhiannon on ebay; necklace by Emberwilde (our very own tubbysnuggles); black sueded trousers by Gayle; Dollmore Model boots.

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oh, my god. these are simply amazing...............


and WHY does my poshdolls brown mohair wig look... well.... awful, not to put too fine a point on it, and this one is so awesome???????????

The "brown" one I just bought is awful, too . . . it looks like it was cut from the head of a greying diseased mad scientist. I'm going to stop ordering them, I think, and count myself lucky that this one is so good. *sigh*

Mally Lee is really, truly amazing. She looks fabulous in EVERYTHING. I bet I could put her in a Marie Antoinette outfit and she would look regal and perfectly in the period.

my brown one is very.. big. this one is big too, it's foofy, supposed to be; but my brown one looks like a giant ball, with no part to be found. maybe if I tried to style it a little (you can you know, i might get out the hair dryer) it will be good. cuz it IS nice and soft, and a lovely dark brown color.

poor elijah belle was wearing it when Mia was here, and it did her a great disservice, I really feel I owe EB some killer "see, I AM gorgeous" pics to make up for it. eep.

I love that outfit on her. GREAT COLORS Beautiful colors!!! And the fabric is sooo nice. Did you make it?

Those are colors I wear too . . . being a redhead. ;)

No, I can't sew at all--I found this on eBay, and crossed my fingers that it would be big enough (it baaaaaaarely is; it's a good thing Mally doesn't have to breathe). I just love olive and yellow greens, too--mmmmmmmmmm!


She is breathtaking and really one of the first girls I've ever....longed for! Just so gorgeous!

I need that outfit in my size. Especially the boots.

Wonderful photos, C!

Tell you what--if my life should ever fall apart and I should find myself in desperate straits, I'll give you first crack at her. ;-) She is such fun to play with, and much easier to dress than I expected; this dress is SD13 size, and while it's tight (an understatement, there), it does work.

I would look unspeakably horrible in this outfit, *sigh*.

Aw, thanks! Any word on the last interview?

Ohhhhh, I absolutely LOVE those colors on her!
Totally perfect, and she has that great, aloof look about her that marks her as a Queen.

I haven't found a color yet that doesn't work on her--Rachel really created a faceup that looks great with warm colors, cool colors, you name it! *loves*

She absolutely has that international supermodel attitude going on . . .

great pictures! she looks so real. i love pic 5.

That pose is one of my favorites--it's so Vogue! ;-)

RAWR she's so classy~!! I love her to pieces ^o^

My favourite picture is of her lying down - very artistic and pretty like~!!

Thanks! I loved the way that one turned out, too . . . and I even managed to catch her before she fell off that narrow little chest. ;-)


That is all.

-- A, speechless!!

Awwwwwwwww, t'anks . . . I'm just insanely jealous of your mehndied metatron, though. Any eejit can do basic portrait shots, as witness, er, moi.

*blush!* Why, thank you, m'dear!

I love your photography, and I think you're fantastic at bringing out your dolls' strengths and personalities . . . I certainly don't think of your photos as being "basic portrait shots" :>

-- A <3<3

Good grief. She is really flat-out stunning, you know that? The outfit suits her to a T, and the colors... yum. Yum to death.

She is irresistible to play with! And she's making me want more girls! Heeeeeeeeelllllllllp meeeeeeee . . .

(Deleted comment)
I LOVE what dollsbyrhiannon is doing--and for such great prices, too! And I drool over British Vogue's articles about fashion heydays past; there was one about Biba a few months ago, and it was somewhere in the back of my mind when I saw this dress on eBay.

I would certainly have been too square for the clothes, *sigh.*

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