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Mally Lee models Biba
Sasha Blaze
London, 1972:

Mally's Biba minidress is actually from dollsbyrhiannon on ebay; necklace by Emberwilde (our very own tubbysnuggles); black sueded trousers by Gayle; Dollmore Model boots.

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my brown one is very.. big. this one is big too, it's foofy, supposed to be; but my brown one looks like a giant ball, with no part to be found. maybe if I tried to style it a little (you can you know, i might get out the hair dryer) it will be good. cuz it IS nice and soft, and a lovely dark brown color.

poor elijah belle was wearing it when Mia was here, and it did her a great disservice, I really feel I owe EB some killer "see, I AM gorgeous" pics to make up for it. eep.

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