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Torquil Egilsson, Heir of the Northmen
Sasha Blaze

This is why I keep BJDs.

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awesome! He's so serious. :X

That he is! You can take the long broody black hair off the boy, but you can't take away the grumpiness . . .

BEAUTIFUL Photos !*!*!*!*!
OMG!.. He's so beautiful !
Love his sweater too!!!! ♥

That's a *very* high compliment coming from you, M.! Thank you so much--

--and any sweater in any of my pictures is always for sale! ;-)

Foxy Foxilsson in the Fjord!

See, this post helped me. I'm trying to work more with the dolls I have, rather than feeling like all style concepts must apply to a NEW doll. For example, Orien has ONE wig, his floofy one. The thought of trying other styles of clothes on him, other wigs, etc has never felt good to me. The other day I tried a black fur wig on him and was shaken - he didn't look terrible, but not right either. But "right" is only what I made it, what I assigned to him.

So seeing Atsu in SUCH a different mode really helps. He's beautiful, beautiful.

I'm struggling with exactly the same problem--a lot of us are, right now, eh? I thought I would try to tackle it head-on, so to speak . . . how weird would it feel to turn Atsumori into an entirely different boy for a while? I don't have any trouble making Lyon playact (Lyon the onmyoji, Lyon as M. le Marquis), and as it turns out, I'm okay with Atsumori as the Son of the Fjords, too.

This is helping me crystallize how I think about my BJDs: they have names and general personality traits--like, can I imagine Atsumori as a social butterfly? Ha!--but they don't inhabit clearly-defined characters with specific histories that I could write (or that I feel bound to honor). In a way, this frees me up to enjoy a doll for his or her beauty, versatility, poseability, whatever--and that's both attractive and possibly dangerous to the pocketbook.

You know, I think I run into trouble when I buy a doll to shell a particular character, rather than buying the doll out of some deep attraction and then figuring out where he or she fits in. Kanbei is gone because, well, after a few defining photoshoots, I didn't have any work for Kanbei the wise, battle-weary ronin leader to do. Simon Elias, my CH Jupiter, is gone because after the initial fun of having a little brother for Pen and Claudine, I didn't have anything for him to do, either. And Etienne is gone because (a) Lyon didn't *want* a younger brother, and (b) even if Lyon did want a younger brother, he didn't want an alternately flirtatious and weepy yaoi-manga fashion-model uke.

All this is on my mind because I'm feeling a strong impulse to bid on a doll that's on eBay right now . . . not one that I wanted when it was released, or would have bought for the original price, but one that I find beautiful now, as my tastes have evolved. There isn't a "place" for this one in my crew, but then there wasn't a "place" for Flynn, either. Maybe what I have *is* more like a family than a cast of characters--new members arrive by chance or destiny and then work out their place in the group, rather than being chosen for a particular purpose.


Hmmm indeed!

When I was first justifying why it was ok to buy a doll, the biggest thing was that I'd be able to have a "new" doll every week if I wanted - I planned to repaint constantly, change eyes all the time, etc.

See how well that worked out? Yet now I find myself considering doing just that (not the repainting frequently - can't bear to do that.)

I dream up the designs for dolls as an excuse to buy them. I so love funny-faced Shiwoos, but don't need another doll, I have plenty, running out of room & money, etc... but once I've dreamed up a REASON to have the doll, it's suddenly legal to buy him.

I don't have big character histories or anything like that, either. I have looks that I like & a kind of personality-vibe - like, Rex is Smoooooth. Orien's mellow. Violet's sad and frustrated. Very general stuff - no reason why I *shouldn't* be able to break them out of their ruts and try different things.

Since I have no talent for repainting, it's even easier for me to fall for new faces, *sigh*. The really dangerous bit is when I find myself thinking, "hey! I should buy X doll for that stash of frilly clothes that Pen and Flynn look stupid in!" Which is sort of what I'm doing right now, though I also have a noble, high-minded motive, heh heh heh.

Me too on the Shiwoo thing. There's a real attraction there for me, though luckily I've never found THE Shiwoo for me (except for Aziza's Elf Shiwoo Lowenbrau, or whatever his name is/was--the one that used to model fur wigs on eBay). Have you dreamed up a reason for buying a funny-face, then??? ;-)

Rex is indeed Smoooooooth. That be the word.

nothing like a Scandinavian hunk XD

DAMN he looks great as a blond. I swear *heh* these Saints are so versatile. And I love your photos and the sweater too!! ^___^

Re: nothing like a Scandinavian hunk XD

I think all the Dollshe molds are insanely versatile--they take kindly to all sorts of looks, and that's what I love most about BJDs. The ones I've sold, now that I stop to reflect on it, were the most "limited" ones . . . or maybe the ones that seemed most limited, to my imagination.

he is sooo broody and gorgeous...

that sweater is just awesome. good grief. these are GORGEOUS photos cynthia!!!!!!!!

I do like this sweater combo--I'm not as totally happy with the fit as I have been with some others, but that's because it was made for Yukinojo shoulders, lol. And the light was nifty yesterday afternoon when I got home from work!

That is a really awesome sweater! You know...I am so used to seeing Lyon in that wig that for a moment I thought it WAS Lyon and I thought...why does Lyon look so annoyed? LOL

I need a nap.

Hee! That gives me an idea--maybe the two faces *can* be different moods of the same guy? I need to play with that a little more . . .


Such a beautiful boy - so nice to see that he IS versatile. ;) What a gorgeous sweater and that fur is just lovely on him!!!

That wig is my all-time favorite--it's the first fur wig I ever bought (one of Aziza's first patterns), and it looks good on *everybody*. I need to get pictures of Sejong wearing it with a big cream cableknit sweater--he looks fabulous.

He looks gorgeous :)
Very serious and handsome ^-^

I like this look for him very, very much--I think he'll stay this way for a while! ^_^

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos of Atsu. I do like blonde guys and with the green eyes too......*melts*
Oh and guys in sweaters......stoppit Cynthia!!!!!!
(And I like his jeans).

Ooooo, Tensiya jeans, Tensiya jeans--they ROCK. And I've always had a weakness for blond guys . . . when I put Lyon in this wig and blue eyes, though, he looks far too much like D., The One Who Married Someone Else In The End, so I've, er, stopped doing that. Atsu doesn't have that disturbing pointy nose and little smirk, though, so I can play with him all I want to. ;-)

So what are you knitting these days??

Wow Atsu-chan looks great with short spiky hair ^_^
But the long black hair will always have my heart *luffs*

*has a weakness for guys with long dark hair* XD

Oh, I agree! He will be back in his long black hair soon enough . . . but we had some fun playing, indeed we did. ;-)

Yikes, I thought it was just me. So, I started playing with the eyes, and wondered about the whole Dolly Stare thing.

I feel like dumping them all. Seriously. And, that's kind of sad. I feared this time would come, and I think the trumpets started to sound about a year ago. Actually, it was probably longer ago than that.

Love your beautiful sweater.....^^

Noooooo, I think this fall is Reassessment Time for a lot of people.

For some reason, I'm moving in the direction of buying more/different dolls from certain companies, rather than dumping them all, but I don't say the impulse hasn't crossed my mind. (Usually it comes when I'm reading politics or philosophy, and feel that I ought to work harder on the non-attachment thing.)

But I wonder, now and then, when the moment will come for me to say, "that was that, I enjoyed that hobby while it lasted, but now it's over."

Aw, thank you! I think so, too . . . ^_^

(Deleted comment)
I do, do, do love this headmold, jeepers. ;-) And Torquil Egilsson sends a manly "hi" back toward Thorsten . . . can't get too worked up about this sort of thing, you know.

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