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Paris in the autumn
Sasha Blaze
Mally Lee received the most amazing present this week from the lovely, talented, and generous crybabymommie:


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wowwweeee whatever the heck that shadow is on the right is REAAALLLYYY cool!!!!!!!!!!!

gorgeous photos!!!!!! i do love this wig on her. she is SO gorgeous!

It's the birdcage! Serendipity reigns (no, not THAT Serendipity, geesh). ^_^

It's even more beautiful in person--I keep walking past where Mally is sitting, so I can pet it. ;-)

ooooooooooooooooooo i love her eyes in the first shot ,she looks like a beautiful rich girl,god that wig is so nice and long

I do like these Monique Gold wigs!

Waaaaaaaiiii, I canNOT get over how gorgeous this coat is! *big HUGE hugs* I want to get a center-part blond wig and put it up in a chignon, so Mally can really look like a Park Avenue socialite . . .

Wow......I know Mally usually renders me incapable of intelligent speech, but these photos are truly WON-DER-FUL!!
OMG the lighting is so moody and perfect!

Aw, thank you! There's something about the late afternoon autumn light around here--it is just lovely.

What gorgeous pictures! She looks so sumptuous!

*hugs*! I have so many ideas for her and the coat . . . in the coat, on the coat, under the coat . . .


Spectacular photos!!!!

The light, the shadows, the textures, La Deneuve... I die.

Wait, I have just enough strength to use some more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

We are not to discuss how much I desire that coat, k? K.

*adding a codicil to my will* . . . hee! I do mean it about having a BJD-stuff lending library, though--this winter, I wouldn't at all mind sending The Coat to stay with you for a while, if you want.

Those are wonderful pictures. She's an incredibly lovely girl. Perfect. I love the shadowed moodiness.

Thank you!! Rachel did some kind of magic on her, for sure--I'm SO glad I held my nose and leaped when I saw that auction.

oh my, no wonder your boys are so in love with her! exquist!

The only problem is that they don't have good enough wardrobes to be seen with her in public . . . ;-) Thank you!!

What a gorgeous madame :) She looks so wonderful ^-^

Oooo, thank you!! It was such fun taking these--

Tres Chic! Yes, just like Catherine! Such a glamourous lady and mysterious to boot

Awwwww, thank you! Now I need to catch up on everybody else's LJ doings--and put together an arrival post for you-know-who--

I love Mally Lee in this gorgeous coat . . . so sumptuous and definitely reminescent of Catherine Denueve. The photos are lovely!! Great mood going here! ^________^

Thank you!! I'm lucky that the birdcage decided to assert itself at exactly the right moment--I really think the odd shadows are what make these work.


GORGEOUS photos, sugar -- you've outdone yourself!!

And I want to know ALL about that coat . . . Mally Lee, woman of (well-dressed) mystery!

-- A ^_^

Awwwww, thank you! And as for the coat . . . crybabymommie MADE it, can you believe it?? *in awe of Marti's sewing ability and kindness*

(Deleted comment)
Hee! I think Lyon is angling for the job of On-the-Coat Model, since he argues (and rightly so) that not only does he lounge better than Atsumori (who still has quite a bit of tight-stringing flailiness going on), his head looks better next to Mally's.

(Deleted comment)
Ooh she looks so sophisticated O_O
Like a celebrity ^o^ I always wanted a fur coat~!!! *luff*

I always wanted one of those stealth-luxury fur-lined trench coats. I seem to be buying BJDs instead . . . ;-)

Do you mind if I add you?

I'll be getting my Bella next month, but until then I am enjoying pics of Mally.

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