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Sasha Blaze
Um, I'm supposed to say hello, I think.

I'm not really awake yet. I've spent my whole life in the Custom House box, at least that's what the human person here told me. I can't remember much, except that it was dark and nobody talked to me after I left the Forest of Ai. And I was cold.

It's okay here, so far. That Claudine girl is kind of bossy, but Mr. Flynn seems nice. This is a picture of the three of us together, right after I woke up. Oh, that's my default wig and outfit, in case you're wondering.

Um, that's all. There's a whole story about today, but I wasn't awake for most of it. I think the human person is going to tell you everything later.

Oh, yeah. This is me in a Softly She Walks outfit.

(did I do that right?)

[editor's note: Sparrow is a Custom House Unique Demian. He looked so darn lonely on eBay . . .]

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OMG! Demian is one of my dream dolls, he was on Ebay?! Gah, glad I missed that. He's SO beautiful! Hurray, hurray! I can't wait to see more of him! Aw. I love his face so much.

tarouchan has a Demian, the swoon-worthy Seiji, so at least I get to see one in person now and then. I'm lucky like that. Not as lucky as YOU, missy!

Seriously??? Woooo, I had no idea that you were a Demian fan! Seiji is gorgeous--much sexier and more mature than Sparrow (the combination of his white resin and soft faceup keep him on the younger end of the scale, for me).

I remember looking and looking at this particular one while he sat on the CH website for months--but at the time, I didn't care for him at all. My tastes have definitely changed . . . and I gave in (even though I swore I wouldn't spend doll-sized money again this year, jeez) when he appeared on eBay last week, for an absurdly low opening bid. There was only one other bidder, and I got him for pretty close to peanuts, considering the original price of CH Uniques.

Now I'm officially broke, though. ^_^

OMG he's even prettier than in his stock pics.
Congrats, and keep him away from the short dude with the sword for awhile....Sparrow looks like such a gentle soul.

Ha! The short dude with the sword isn't being very sociable lately, though I must say he's looking extremely spiffy in a sweater from mimiwoo. I need to take his picture.

And the stock pics are so very, very unflattering--all the faceup detail got washed out. He is such a sweet boy, and he looks good in an amazing range of wigs already, yay!

He's lovely Cynthia! Where was Pen though for the CH pic?

I need a Shunshou the Mighty story to cheer me up...is he still accepting bribes, err...offerings of folding money?

Awwwwwwww~~Shunshou says that offerings of fast food will do, since he mainly uses the folding money to buy fast food:

And Pen is off on a grand adventure--after a long, long wait, his slot just came up for a faceup from Rachel. I think I'm on this Custom House buying binge because I miss Pen so much, lol. It's going to be cool to have all four of them together, when he gets home: a BW, two shades of normal skin, and a tan.

Keahi: new boy new boy ***confetti****

me: Another absolutely gorgeous boy for your harem. What fascinating eyes he has, just so endearing.

Doesn't he have a charming face? His eyes fascinate me, too--this afternoon, I'm going to sit down with a football game on TV and try lots of eye colors to see what works.

I think Sparrow is my CH equivalent of an F-16 (since I'm a CH loyalist from way back). The Narin never quite settled into the "sweet, pensive younger brother" role around here, and I realized that I'm not a mini kind of person, so my CH Jupiter moved on to a new home . . . but we might have done the job this time.

Oh WOW! Congratulations C !

Iam so happy to see him with you ~*~**~*~
Customhouse dolls look better in person ,in owner's photos than their promo pics.. that is for sure ~~~ He looks AWESOME in SSW outfit !!!
Loooove that photo of the three of them..and can't wait to see the new Pen!

He is such a darling! Thank you so much--I'm really excited to have him here, though I'm scrambling to balance the checkbook now . . .

And I'm trying to bottle up all the excitement about what Rachel will do with Pen--eepers! Plus, thelyn is doing brilliant things with my Y!J artist head and his SD13 body right now . . . it will be a thrilling winter at my house . . .

ohhh he is so adorable!! i like that brown wig on him, yes!!!! and the grey sweater, I love that!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad sparrow is out of his box. ^__^

He looks awfully unhappy in the default wig and outfit, lol--but he perked up quite a bit when I started playing with more boyish wigs and less Fauntleroyish clothes. This afternoon: eyes!!!! (Though his defaults are beautiful--a deep blue-gray, in that lovely CH glass.)

OMG he looks so great! I nearly bid on him ... he was looked great on ebay and now even better at your house!
Congratulations ... I can't wait to see Penn

I'm still fretting a little about who the other bidder was--I would hate it if I beat out somebody who really, truly loved him to pieces, you know? (This is the other side of zagzagael's animism, lol.)

Now I want somebody nice to bid on that sweet Limited Bin that the same seller has up right now--I looked at him for a long time on the CH site, too. But I just can't open a Home for Lonely CH Boys . . . even though, from the looks of my house right now, I'm well down the road toward doing just that . . .

Ohhh my, he is achingly sweet and beautiful and I LIKE HIM!! Congrats on getting Sparrow. I have often thought of getting a large AI than the Petites . . . he is definitely a consideration. He almost looks like Bermanns baby brother to me!! ^____________^

PS - I have that outfit too and adore it. My Rainen is wearing it right now in anticipation of our Halloween photoshoot. *g* We must be 'tunas' with GOOD TASTE!!!!

Ohhh, he DOES look like a 12-year-old Bermann! That will help me de-fixate on the fact that Sparrow looks *exactly* like one of my former students, now in graduate school in Ohio--he didn't look like her at all in the CH pictures, but in person it's downright eerie. (Luckily, she was a terrific student and a very likable one.)

I bought that SSW outfit for a CH Chowon who never materialized, mainly because CH stopped making the unlimited boys right when I decided to buy a Chowon, *sigh*. It doesn't suit Pen at all, didn't quite work on the Narin . . . it's nice on Sparrow, though I'm not sure it's "him" (which means I'm not sure it's ME, of course). Hmmmm. The other two SSW outfits I have suit me better (a simpler older one with detachable sleeves, and the Nightingale outfit), so this one might be on the way to the For Sale post before long.

Keep this up and my Soye's gonna come and visit! I love the last photo...one of these days I'm gonna get a Softly She Walks outfit...maybe if I don't do good tomorrow.

Awwwwww, Soye is SO pretty--send her on, and I promise she'll have lots of fun, and Claudine won't bully her. Just keep her away from tubbysnuggles (who's been pining for a Soye, and is liable to kidnap one if she isn't carefully watched, lol).

Good luck tomorrow!! Eeeeee, I hope there's wonderful stuff, and you get something you dearly want--

Aw my GAHD~!!! What a hunkster ^o^
He looks great in the Softly outfit~! Rawr I wanna hugsles him *grabby hands*

He is VERY huggleable! ^_^ And much happier, now that he's out of all that white lace that has to be kept clean and neat at all times . . .

(Deleted comment)
That sweater is one of my favorites--it's from nightfall_walker, who usually does High Punk, but fell into this Father Knows Best mode for a little while. I think it's already become Sparrow's equivalent of a security blanket. ^_^

cynthia, congratulations! i'm so glad you got him. i was so tempted as i've always wanted a damian. the last picture is so great, love the outfit and the shoes are awesome! :)

He is such a sweet thing--I love his little chipmunk cheeks and tilted eyes! And I didn't realize that he was BW, which is very cool; I'm working on assembling a spectrum of CH resin colors, I think. ;-)

Oh, wowwww!! So HE's your surprise!! And a lovely one he is!

I was just reading something about "Doll Master" today, and musing that there are a few St. Mina's out there, but I hadn't seen a St. Demian more than once -- and here he is! Serendipity, synchronicity, something?

Congratulations on bringing him home ^_^

-- A <3<3

I don't know where all the Demians went! Maybe they stayed in Korea? I know about Karin's, and now Sparrow, but . . . I'm with you, I can't seem to place any others, offhand.

I s'pose now I really do need to watch the movie, huh? ;-)

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