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More of Claudine's imaginative life
Sasha Blaze
I have fifteen minutes before my next meeting, so . . . here's part of the chaos at my house over the weekend:

CLAUDINE: I am Zinayda, the Maid of the Steppe.

CLAUDINE: I can outride, outshoot, and outargue any man from Moscow to the Bering Straits.

CLAUDINE: This is my brave and faithful steed, Atil. He looks like a plastic toy horse here because he's a really, really, REALLY long way away. In art, that's called perspective.

CLAUDINE: Anyway. My father says that I should be more ladylike, or no man from the tribe will marry me.

CLAUDINE: But I say I will never marry any man unless he is my true love. So there.

CLAUDINE: My father wants me to break bread with the prince of Upper Mongolia. I plan to test this man's mettle. (I spelled that right, too. Only people who can't read think it's "metal.") We shall see whether the prince deserves to be my husband.

(a pause)

CLAUDINE: pssst, Flynn! What are you doing?? This is your big entrance!

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OMG, that is some outfit! MDH really is very creative and I love the fabrics. I love her closures.^^ And it is a mixture of vintage pieces and newer ones.....skillfully done. I'm so jealous! Well the green eyed demon has taken me twice, now....sigh.

Claudine looks so sweet in her pretty rust coloured outfit.^^
She does look very Mongolian to me in it.^^

Aaaaaand there's still one piece to this MHD set that I haven't photographed, can you believe it???

I owe you an email from way back--I just can't seem to dig out from under the rockpile of work-related anxiety. *sigh*

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