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Sweet Sunday evening . . . not.
Sasha Blaze
I have about ten minutes before I have to leave for a music gig, and when I get home it will be time to putter around and think about sleep. Back to work in the morning--have to pay the bills for these demanding resin critters somehow.

But, quickly, the fruits of an afternoon's random picturetaking:

1. The 68-stitch sweater pattern IS magic! Herewith, Lyon's sweater on Kanbei:

The body could be a little longer--say, 1/4 or 1/2 inch--and the sleeves could be a little shorter, but it's not bad at all as is.

2. Refer to above picture for the second success of the day: those are brown suede laceup Volks SD13 boots, and they actually fit the big guy. Why, I have no idea, since none of my other SD13 shoes will go on his feet, but I'll take the victories I get.

3. Just for the pretty:

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incoherent muttering and drooling going on here. i can't even think of anything to say i swear. he is so gorgeous. ohmyeffin'goshhhhhhhhhh

LOL . . . you having a really bad day? Need artistic nudity? That can be arranged.

I want googly-eyed cute icons to say thank you with! Bah.

Oooo. He's smexy! :D


Hee. Keep trying, keep trying. Actually, I do feel a burst of knitting energy coming on, but I'm not sure it will amount to anything. ;-)

This guy is too sexy for his own good!! IMHO...^0^
Great sweater and I'm glad you found boots.....Wooot!

Hakama and sword....*sigh*
Where did you get the sword?

From some online store--"Gungfu Martial Arts"?? I think that's the name. The sword was only like $12.95 plus reasonable shipping, so what it lacks in elegance and austerity it makes up for in cheap.

(Deleted comment)
I guess I did too. :-) As my good friend tubbysnuggles has noted, stress leads to sexier and sexier photoshoots . . .

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