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A sneak peek, by permission
Sasha Blaze
thelyn said I could post a glimpse of the gorgeous samurai boy she's finishing up for me . . .

The Saiki head is by a Japanese sculptor (http://minawa.main.jp); he's on an SD13 long-legged boy body. His tattoo is the Shinsengumi's motto, makoto: "truth" or "sincerity."

There's going to be a Festival of Grumpiness around my house when he gets home, yes indeedy.

*hugs thelyn*
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OMG .........really amazing ..so kool,such a mix of talents and now we will see him in your photos!!!!!exciting

How can I stand to dress him, with all that beautiful bodywork? Ack! And here I've been collecting kimono sets for him . . . ;-)

Maybe a little young for Inara Sizu, but he certainly has the attitude down . . .

OH wow, he looks fabulous!
Great lips.

*purrrrrrrrrrr* He's even better than I imagined. ^_^


I still think that is *his* wig.


Yeppers! (Wait til you see what I did to his tummy! O_O )

omgggggggg, I'm not sure I can stand MORE fabulousness . . . but I'll be strong. ;-)

He is absolutely stunning. I sit at your feet and pour offerings of sake.

HAH! Make Shunshou give me offerings of sake...that lovable little brat!

he and the D are going to have grumpy FESTIVALS. XD he's gorgeous~~ *w*

I just had a vision of the lineup of grouchy BJDs here: Mally Lee, Atsumori, Sejong, the new guy Sparrow, and this one. Plus, Flynn and Pen are perfectly capable of looking grumpy, themselves. I may have to get a Shiwoo sometime, just to balance out all that bad attitude . . .

He is GORGEOUS!! Excellent faceup, body blushing, tattoos, and scars. The PERFECT samurai and I think we've covered all our bases. *g*

Hee! Thank you--I'm over the moon about him! *busily digging out the kimonos I bought from Y!J in the spring*

Aw, thanks! Lots of attitude there . . . it will be interesting to see how he settles in, once he gets home. ;-0

wow just wow...What a beautiful and unique sculpt. The face up is gorgeous, and i love the blushing and scar of course. That is one yummy boy!

I fell totally, madly in love with this head when I saw it on Y!J last spring--the sculptor has put it on both SD13 girl and SD 13 boy bodies, and it's gorgeous either way. (Though I will say, those are some BIG boy ears, if you ask me . . .)

Lyn has so completely brought him to life--I'm just thrilled!

(Deleted comment)
I keep wandering through the forest of Japanese history and getting lost, myself . . . how I wish I had gotten serious about this stuff twenty years ago, when I was in a place that offered, you know, CLASSES about it. **sigh* for the travails of autodidacticism*

I toyed with the idea of naming this boy Ranmaru, but I just don't like the sound of it. :-( His sculptor is very consciously working from traditional Japanese sources--her blog is a fun read, despite the murk of translation software, because she's always reading/watching/visiting things that connect to the Kabuki theater or feudal Japanese history or Tokugawa-period prints. (One of her recent comments amused me: "The book Bushido and Eros makes the head spin round and round!" Sadly, I can't find a translation of Bushido and Eros anywhere--and I'm dying to read it!)

Oh oh OOOHHH. I've been waiting for AGES to see him. (Ooh scar! That's a really good one!) Lyn is AMAZING. I love the bronzey shadowing all around his eyes. He's so freaking stunning!!! Gah!!

Isn't that a fantabulous scar?? And the eye shading, and the body blushing, and we haven't even SEEN the last bit of detailing yet . . . I'll just say I'm not sure he'll be wearing clothes very often, and slink away . . . ;-)

Oh wow he is so gorgeous!! What a beautiful face :)

This head is SO special--and I can't stop drooling over what Lyn has done with it!

Yowza, what gorgeous eyes *swoon* I'm in luff~!! ^o^

Wonderful!!! Totally unique and completely exotic!!!

What a perfect choice for artist, too. the_lyn is one of my favourites!!!

*swoon* Tats&scars...

Part of me is wishing that I had asked for full-sleeve yakuza tats, and let Lyn go ahead and add that scar on his chin that she was thinking about . . . but that can be Version Two of him, sometime in the future, when his faceup and body painting are dingy enough to need renewal.

I'm wasting a HUGE amount of time staring at these pictures. :-)

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