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A sneak peek, by permission
Sasha Blaze
thelyn said I could post a glimpse of the gorgeous samurai boy she's finishing up for me . . .

The Saiki head is by a Japanese sculptor (http://minawa.main.jp); he's on an SD13 long-legged boy body. His tattoo is the Shinsengumi's motto, makoto: "truth" or "sincerity."

There's going to be a Festival of Grumpiness around my house when he gets home, yes indeedy.

*hugs thelyn*
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Wonderful!!! Totally unique and completely exotic!!!

What a perfect choice for artist, too. the_lyn is one of my favourites!!!

*swoon* Tats&scars...

Part of me is wishing that I had asked for full-sleeve yakuza tats, and let Lyn go ahead and add that scar on his chin that she was thinking about . . . but that can be Version Two of him, sometime in the future, when his faceup and body painting are dingy enough to need renewal.

I'm wasting a HUGE amount of time staring at these pictures. :-)

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