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Because it isn't ALL about the new resin--
Sasha Blaze
In Pen's temporary absence, Lyon is Head Boy around here . . . and so he got to try on the Joe's Dream Uniform yesterday, before it went back in the box for celticgeekess's Julian:

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mmmmmmmm num num NUMMYYY

gosh i just love lyon, so much. he is truly beautiful. these are GORGEOUS pics cynthia!!!!!!!!!!!!

This coat and T-shirt came SO CLOSE to fitting . . . but the sleeves and body just weren't quite right, and I'm a picky snob when it comes to ultra-tailored expensive clothes. The outfit belongs with Julian anyway, since I ordered it for his previous identity. ;-)

HE is sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful !
Love your photos of him C !*!*!*!* Wow!!!!

Awwww, thank you! I do treasure him, for many, many reasons.

Oh, I didn't know you were selling that outfit. Bummer. :(

That's an awesome outfit and Lyon looks awesome.

I never actually had it up for sale--I had preordered it for Kanbei, and it was part of the overall deal for him. *jonesing for one fitted exactly to Dollshe bodies*

Fantastic photos - just really wonderful!

I've been wanting that outfit so badly - must justify the cost - but these pics go a looooooong way towards that justification! Thanks!!!!


The outfit is stunning--I was madly tempted to keep it, just to admire it. But really, it needs to be worn by the body it was made for. (Definitely buy one for your Sexy Beast! *drooling at the thought*)

I love Lyon... *dribbly sigh*

*dribbling along with you* ^_^

Love a boy in uniform.

Oh did I type that?

He's smashing, just a gorgeous look for him as well.

I just had to do one photoshoot before I repacked the outfit! And now I'm very, very sorry I sold the La Parsonal school uniform that I owned a couple of years ago, because how much would I love to put it on Sparrow, the CH Demian who just joined the family? *sigh*

He most definitely looks like Head Boy.....until that last, smoldering shot.
Lovely pics!

I finally put the white SD16 poet-type shirt on Julian last night, so he's not naked anymore.

Awwwwwwww . . . but anything for harmony in the household, right?

Now I want a Tensiya school uniform fitted to Dollshe bodies, eeep! Soutanes are all very well, but the priest vibe isn't quite the same as the sixth-form schoolboy vibe.

He looks so good in that outfit ^-^
What a gorgeous boy

There's something very, very special about the Haute Hounds--I would put Lyon's faceup against any faceup anywhere. *loving the Precious*

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

I ordered this Laidoll outfit for Leopold; it looks similar to the Joe's Dream set (which I now have to go research, since I've never heard of it - was it for Yukinojo?)

Lyon has such great expressions, I just love him.

The Joe's Dream Uniform was one of the Volks Another Yourself specials--only available if you bought the book set. I can't wait to see it on Julian, because it is VERY formfitting for the Yukinojo body . . . yum.

I do like that Laidoll outfit--that could be Sparrow's school uniform, oooyeah!

And my favorite Lyon expression is the last one: come and get me. you know you want me. ^_^

I love these photos alot . . . especially the first one. It's so beautiful . . . well they all are actually.

It's funny . . . I've been playing around with my Haute Hound this weekend and plan to do a photo shoot of him this coming to show off his new wig and outfit.

Love this uniform!! *sighs* I did not know you had it for sale? It fits Yukinojo? Am I understanding that correctly?

Well thank you for the eye candy. ;)

It's the Volks Another Yourself limited "Joe's Dream Uniform"--tailored specifically for the SD16 boy body (so the sleeves are too short and the pants are WAY too short for Dollshe bodies). And no, I didn't have it up for sale in any public venue--nobody missed anything, I promise! ;-) I'm betting that Volks will wind up selling the extra sets through either the Japanese or US website or both. Do keep an eye out for it, because it's an absolutely stunning outfit, wai.

I'm already plotting to change the buttons on the LaiDoll uniform, if I can find nice detailed silver ones in the right size . . .

RAWR what a hunkster~!! *swoon*
I wanna kidnap him XD The uniform looks great on him~!!

*setting the burglar alarms* LOL! <3 <3 <3

Oh yeah .. Head boy ... and yes sometimes I think I pay too much attention to the new resin as well. Its nice to see some of the Other kids.
He looks awfully official in that uniform ... love a man in uniform .. even if he is resin

Certain kinds of uniforms, I love . . . school uniforms, priests' soutanes, oooooyeah. Military uniforms, not so much, unless it's a Highland regiment's dress uniform with kilt, in which case just scrape me off the sidewalk and call me goo. ;-)

Well, the new resin does need attention, but the older ones are here for very good reasons--I go in cycles of having a few dolls sitting out while the others rest in their boxes. Right now, Mally Lee and Claudine are having a beauty sleep (to return with even more manic energy, I'm sure).

*steals Lyon, hides him in my pocketses*

(my purse is almost big enough for a Hound, scarily!)

This, and the Claudine/Flynn shots, is/are taking my breath away!!

-- A :D

Hee! He's so floppy these days that he would, in fact, fold up quite nicely . . . but I wouldn't, and you'd have to stuff me in there with him. ;-)

And thank you!!!! Some days the light and the doll and the camera are really cooperative, and some days the whole experience is just meh. This was a good 'un.

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