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Because it isn't ALL about the new resin--
Sasha Blaze
In Pen's temporary absence, Lyon is Head Boy around here . . . and so he got to try on the Joe's Dream Uniform yesterday, before it went back in the box for celticgeekess's Julian:

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Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

I ordered this Laidoll outfit for Leopold; it looks similar to the Joe's Dream set (which I now have to go research, since I've never heard of it - was it for Yukinojo?)

Lyon has such great expressions, I just love him.

The Joe's Dream Uniform was one of the Volks Another Yourself specials--only available if you bought the book set. I can't wait to see it on Julian, because it is VERY formfitting for the Yukinojo body . . . yum.

I do like that Laidoll outfit--that could be Sparrow's school uniform, oooyeah!

And my favorite Lyon expression is the last one: come and get me. you know you want me. ^_^

ETA: yeah, well, I just plunked down the Paypal for that Laidoll long-jacket uniform in Hound size, for Lyon. I am such a sucker: anything that particular resin boy wants, he gets. Sparrow will have to go to school in jeans and a sweatshirt, and resign himself to getting picked on by the other boys, lol.

Hee, I've been eyeing that long jacket uniform at Laidoll for a month now, but need to sell stuff. I have the perfect chara for my Yuki to be in that outfit . . . . *sighs* some day.

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