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Because it isn't ALL about the new resin--
Sasha Blaze
In Pen's temporary absence, Lyon is Head Boy around here . . . and so he got to try on the Joe's Dream Uniform yesterday, before it went back in the box for celticgeekess's Julian:

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I love these photos alot . . . especially the first one. It's so beautiful . . . well they all are actually.

It's funny . . . I've been playing around with my Haute Hound this weekend and plan to do a photo shoot of him this coming to show off his new wig and outfit.

Love this uniform!! *sighs* I did not know you had it for sale? It fits Yukinojo? Am I understanding that correctly?

Well thank you for the eye candy. ;)

It's the Volks Another Yourself limited "Joe's Dream Uniform"--tailored specifically for the SD16 boy body (so the sleeves are too short and the pants are WAY too short for Dollshe bodies). And no, I didn't have it up for sale in any public venue--nobody missed anything, I promise! ;-) I'm betting that Volks will wind up selling the extra sets through either the Japanese or US website or both. Do keep an eye out for it, because it's an absolutely stunning outfit, wai.

I'm already plotting to change the buttons on the LaiDoll uniform, if I can find nice detailed silver ones in the right size . . .

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