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Because it isn't ALL about the new resin--
Sasha Blaze
In Pen's temporary absence, Lyon is Head Boy around here . . . and so he got to try on the Joe's Dream Uniform yesterday, before it went back in the box for celticgeekess's Julian:

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Certain kinds of uniforms, I love . . . school uniforms, priests' soutanes, oooooyeah. Military uniforms, not so much, unless it's a Highland regiment's dress uniform with kilt, in which case just scrape me off the sidewalk and call me goo. ;-)

Well, the new resin does need attention, but the older ones are here for very good reasons--I go in cycles of having a few dolls sitting out while the others rest in their boxes. Right now, Mally Lee and Claudine are having a beauty sleep (to return with even more manic energy, I'm sure).

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