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Pretty colors for a gray afternoon
Sasha Blaze
I took these last week, on a day when both the leaves and the sky seemed unusually vivid. No cut, because I like the interplay of these three pictures:


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that bright red bush? Yeah, there's one outside of El Cazedor and the other day dave was admiring the color, plucked a leaf and proceeded to stuff it down my cleavage. I wish the leaf changing lasted longer than it does here... or that the trees up here would get organized and do it all at once in a viberant burst of color so the ones that just go green> BROWNDEAD instead of yellow or orange didn't look so.. dead.

I think this must be a tough fall for all the trees--we had that horrible hot dry summer, and then no real cold snap to convince the leaves to turn. But I still like all the shades of brown, when I take the time to really stop and look at them--

Very lovely shots! I especially love the leaves. :)

I'm really fond of those bright red burning bushes--I had never seen them until I moved here, but I'm glad there was one already planted, to give me the incentive to add another one.

That was some sunset! The purples were even more purple than they look in this picture. And I wish I had had time to take pictures last night--we had a bright orange harvest moon, just amazing.

very pretty! I will say, Kansas does have some lovely scenery

I had to make the round trip down to southeast Kansas last Thursday, and it was a beautiful trip--all those subtle variations of browns and golds and rusts in the grasses and leaves. Autumn has always been my favorite season.

Love these.....NY has been so rainy and windy, I missed all the good color here.
Thanks for posting!

We *finally* got the cold snap last week that brought out what color we're going to get this fall--the fancy ornamental maple trees around town look very, very confused, because they've turned in stripes (mostly green, then a stripe of yellow, then a stripe of red at the tiptop of the tree). Luckily, I have all oaks, and even though they aren't what you'd call exciting in the way of color, they're at least consistent in their reddish-browns or greenish-yellows.

Ah, the reds! So gorgeous! We don't get much in the way of autumn colors down here, more like everything just gets a duller, brownish shade of green. ^^; Very beautiful pics though. ♥

This isn't the prettiest fall I've ever seen here--there just wasn't enough of a chill early on, so trees are sort of half-turning, then (as if they're too discouraged to keep up appearances) dropping their leaves all of a sudden. But the burning bushes can be relied on to turn that unnatural fluorescent red no matter what, lol.

oooo i love them i love them!!!!!! i love the RED ONE!!!!!!!! ooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Isn't that a nifty color? I have one of those at each south-facing corner of my house--around here they're called "burning bush," but I don't know the scientific name.

Wish we got real color here. Not that I like the cold it takes to get it though. Some trees were that beautiful yellow when I drove home on Sunday. There's never really enough color to try to take pictures. But all the leaves are falling all over the place, I love their crackle underfoot.

I love the reds and oranges and browns--when I lived in western Colorado, all we got was aspen yellow, which was beautiful, but . . . a little samey-samey to these midwestern eyes. I've never seen New England in the fall; the most beautiful leaves I've ever seen were in central Indiana, when I was in graduate school. In the fall, I would always volunteer to take people to the airport in Indianapolis, just so I'd have an excuse to drive that highway (thick forest on the west side, almost all the way).

Wonderful pictures! I love the second one :)

I came home from work that evening, and that bush had decided to pop out in full color all at once, during the day--it definitely wasn't that pretty when I left for work in the morning! I *had* to grab the camera and try to catch the red right then. :-)

Wow the first photo is stunning~!! This is why I wish I had the special studio camera's rather than a digital camera cause with a digi-cam you can't take great photos like these. It's either flash or no flash -

* Flash - comes out too bright
* No-Flash - either too dark or completely black

Hmmmmmmmm, I think it depends on the digi-cam, because I've had good luck with both my little Canon A75 and now my Nikon D50--I've never had a really small digital, though. But, also, this was just one of those days when there was just the right amount of light every time I took the camera outside . . . they don't happen very often!

cynthia, the colors are so beautiful. thanks!

*blush* There ARE some pretty moments around here--I just wish I had more time to capture them with the camera!

Gosh, these are SO lovely . . . you take beautiful photos!!

-- A :D

I didn't really expect any of these to turn out--especially the sunset picture. *petting the nice D50* Now I'm SO sorry I didn't turn around and run home to grab a couple of harvest-moon shots on Sunday evening, arglefrz.

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