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Dolly daydreaming
Sasha Blaze
So, yeah. Saiki-boy is on his way home, and I got this wild idea . . .

I think he needs a twin sister. There are beautiful pictures of a Saiki girl on Minawa-sensei's website, e.g. these: http://minawa.main.jp/sd/sd_pict/sd_pict24/sd_pict24.html

I've never gone for the concept of twin BJDs before, because I like variety so much, but--I am utterly, madly, uncontrollably in love with this head, and one Will. Not. Be. Enough.

Celga says that my head order went through just fine.
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WOW! !!!
That girl is powerful !*!**!
How does one order one ? (not that I have any money ...but will keep in mind for the future)...

Aaaaahhhh, it has turned out to be so simple--I bought my first Saiki head on Yahoo!Japan, but they are available now on the sculptor's website. I just sent Celga the item link, and Keigo emailed within a few hours to say that my order had gone through: http://cart03.lolipop.jp/LA02336895/?mode=ITEM2&p_id=PR00100851570

She's gorgeous.....sort of reminds me of a more mature Choa.
Go for it!!

's done gone for . . . now, onward to the Body Decision! ^_^

Doesn't that head make a stunning girl? Wai.

She's really awesome! :D Can't wait to see her!

It's going to be quite a while, probably, but . . . she's a-comin'! The two of them together will be a sight to behold. ;-)

It is happening! Now . . . Domuya Flexi-body or SD13 girl body? SD13 girl body or Domuya Flexi-body?

Ah, well, that decision is made and the body is paid for. Japanese solidarity forever, or something like that. How could I resist an SD13 Emma body when it was dangled right in front of my nose?

**nods*** good idea.

I love the thought of them together.

I think this will be sooooooo much fun . . .

yayyy!!!!! squeeee!!!!!!!! this is tooooo awesome! i can't wait!

Woohoo, head order!!!

It's a GORGEOUS head. I crave it myself, but NO. It makes a stunning girl, too - and the website shots are so different from your boy! I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR TWINS.

(I'm yelling because I'm very caffeinated.)

Ha! I'm undercaffeinated myself, but still feeling inclined to yell, heh. I think twins with this head will be SO INCREDIBLY COOL.

I love twin dolls! Definitely go for it, Cynthia!!
I know that one day I would love to get my Clementine (CH Miya) a twin. =___= Just until I have enough funds...

I really don't have the funds, or I should tell myself I don't, but . . . I can be frugal and sensible next year, right? Right.

Oh yes she is really stunning!!
I can't wait to see your twins :D

eeeeep, me tooooooo . . . ;-)

Definitely get him a sister. She is gorgeous.

She's going to need a cheongsam, you know! ^_^ I just committed to an SD13 body for her (the Emma body), mmmmmmmm.

dollie temptations? 101

You are soooo BAD, you know? For showing me such an amazing and tempting girl. I must be strong . . . I must be strong . . . I must be strong!! I really like her and hope you get her, and then I can live vicariously through you . . . until I fall to her spell. LOL!

Re: dollie temptations? 101

Ohhhhhh, "strength" is not in my vocabulary . . . she is most definitely coming to live here. I just bought her a body on DoA, and Celga says all is well with the head purchase.

What my financial planner doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

I so need to catch up on all the flist joy--I know you have pictures up, and E., and probably tons of other people. But sleep beckons; it was a long, trying day at work, ugh.

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