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Somebody's heeeeeeeeeeere . . .
Sasha Blaze
Of course it just had to be dark by the time I got home. I can't resist posting a preliminary flash-and-burn picture of Saiki-boy, though, because I'll be out of town tomorrow:

thelyn sent the terrific wig along with him--the eyes are black glass from Y!J. And, er,
his body blushing is a thing of beauty. Fasten your seatbelts. ^_^
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I can't wait to settle in with the camera and some good daylight, and really figure out how he needs to be photographed! These are icky, but who has the self-control to wait until Saturday??? Not me, that's for sure.

Yummy! Nyx wants to see his body blushing ;)

Hee! I'll just say . . . he has more than a happy *trail.* Uh-huh. ^_^

He is a lot more gorgeous than I'm making him look tonight! I need better light in this house, grrrrrrr.

Who is he? He's gorgeous!! Did you buy him from Lyn or did she do his faceup!! And his clothing are incredible. Yes, please take more pictures SOON!! ^____^

This is my Saiki boy--Lyn did the painting, and it is *something*! (Go here for her gorgeous pictures of him: http://sedens.livejournal.com/36984.html#cutid1)

sweet! He looks awesome! :D :D :D

He truly, truly is! Gaaaaaaahhhh, I don't want to go out of town today--I want to stay home and playyyyyy . . .

Wow! He is beautiful, love his expression:D Is this the head by Minawa? I have her kneeling legs, and they are awesome:D

Yes, this is Minawa's Saiki head--I love him! (And I'm working on a girl twin, because one of these heads just wasn't enough.)

Oooooooo, you have the legs???!!! I want those legs! I'm waiting for her to produce those in pureskin--supposed to be happening this month, or soon, anyway--and then a pair are definitely heading my way.

He's such an imperious fellow. Did he immediately give Atsumori the brush off? LOL. Love his clothes!

I've been saving two kimono sets just for him--this is #1. Wheeeeeee!!! (((((hugsssss)))))

And he seemed to be so appalled by the whole setup here (what, no dojo?) that he didn't even notice anyone else. Trouble is a-comin', just as soon as I get home tomorrow, heh heh heh.

VERY nice...he is terrific! Love his look.

I can't wait to get home from this little trip and really dig in to playing with him!

I have to figure out how to handle the, er, revelation of the body blushing . . . non-BJD friends of mine sometimes read this journal . . . ;-)

what a gorgous boy! I hope some day I can figure out how to get some of the harder to buy doll heads...and have the cash for them. There are a few that I would love to have, and he's quite something!

Compared to a lot of artist heads, this one is amazingly easy to get--the sculptor has a very well-organized order page, and Celga said it was easy-peasy to place the order for my twin head. Plus, dangling temptation before you . . . Minawa only charges 11,500 yen for a head. Compared to trying to snag a School A or a School C, it's a snip.

Oh he is so stunning!! *swoon*

He is just incredible in person!!! *shaking fist at early sunsets and dim indoor lighting*

Lyn is absolutely magical with the BOYS. They still look like BOYS... gorgeous. he is gorgeous. wowzersssssssssss!!!

He's already claimed the Post of Favor--i.e., the seat on the table next to my bed--which moved Sparrow to the top of the chest of drawers, where he's perched right now, looking adorable and not very happy. ;-)

I have an elaborate idea for an intro photoshoot, but I don't know that I'll have the patience to execute it this weekend. Hrm.

Whew .. he is the HAWT, but does not know it, he seems so serious and determined. I cannot wait for more pics .... and for the interaction to begin. His kimono is lovely

I think he will feel nothing but contempt for the concept of HAWT . . . but whooo doggies, he is, he is! I'm SO glad he came before I went out of town, but on the other hand it's frustrating, not being able to settle in on my day off and take hundreds of pictures. :-(


Also, *hehe* about the blushing . . . he can join Marten and Kumiho in being boys with . . . happy places. (Although, shhh, poor Kumiho has a nasty case of Angel Crotch . . . he needed to be fuzzy to compensate!)

Iiiiii can't wait to see more, he's utterly gorgeous!! *applauds Lyn, and your excellent taste!*

-- A :D

Very, very, VERY happy places. *snorfle* *snicker* Lyn does an AWESOME boy, jeepers!

Just utterly lovely, C. You picked the best face-up artist for the job and look at these results - he's soft and yet....dangerous? Something else is lurking there. Such an unusual mold - he's just wonderful.

I love all your Asian kids!

Ohhhhh, I think he's definitely dangerous, and I want to work on capturing that quality as well as the sensual softness and boyishness of the sculpt. Lyn has brought out ALL those things with her faceup--he is just amazing. It will take time to work out the best angles and eye/wig combinations for him . . . what fun, what fun, what fun!!!

Sadly, though, I came home from my overnight opera trip to find huge windrows of leaves all across the front of my house and driveway, so between leaf-raking and laundry, this weekend may be shot. *sniffle*

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