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And now, the pretty portrait, plus some dailyblahing
Sasha Blaze
Liking the black glass eyes very much indeed:

Onward to the dailyblah:

*Current knitting project: an Icelandic in DollShe size, made from a lovely variegated yarn that I found in my basement stash (dark green/navy/charcoal).

*Only six more weeks of my current and heartily disliked position at work!

*Because I have no self-control when it comes to yarn, I bought many skeins of yummy stuff while I was out of town on Friday. Ideas are percolating, bubble bubble.

*Tomorrow would have been my mother's seventy-ninth birthday.

*If there were any light, I would take pictures of Atsumori in his tawny Paraiso fur wig, gray-green eyes, and philosophy-major getup (hiking boots, tattered jeans, a striped pullover, and two layers of vests against the autumn chill). Another handsome moody boy . . .

*Measure of stress level: at the age of fortyurgle, I find that my face has started to break out again. This is a small annoyance on the cosmic Tragedy-o-Meter, yes, but--ick.

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Oh, sweetie. *hugs* The birthdays are the hardest anniversaries.

Good looking boy - I totally dig those eyes in him!!!

Six weeks is nuthin'! ;)

Fall is a toughie--anniversaries of deaths, births, marriages, plus of course The Holidays, all stacked up in a row. *sigh*

Aaaaaaand of those six weeks, two are short ones, one is finals week, and one is the week *after* finals. What I should start worrying about, instead of counting days, is how I'll get all the work done that needs to be done before December 22! ;)

I lika the peektures where the clothes stay on. ROFL. (j/k)

Wanna see Atsumori!!!

My measure of stress level? Woke up with nosebleed this morning. Have not uttered civil word to spouse in days.


Ya want clothes, we got clothes . . . *snorfle*

The best I could do with the thin gray light this afternoon, sadly!

Nosebleed = VERY bad. (((((hugsssss)))))

Happy sigh...I love Atsumori!

And when the light gets better...I wanna see the brat in his new eyes. ^_^ (please and thank you)

Ooooyeah, AND Claudine in her shoesies! Though that's all prolly next weekend--I have evening stuff almost every night this week. *insert martyred sigh,* lol.

Gah, he's so beautiful. The black eyes are delicious.

Yay Icelandics!!!
Yay 6 weeks to go!
I'm sorry about your mother. I imagine that the birthdays are the hardest, and I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. *hugs*

I skipped ahead and saw Atsu being gorgeous. He and Orien need to go kick leaves and discuss Hume sometime.

Stress acne: me too. I'm 33 and if I don't keep a steady level of St. John's Wort in my system I get horrible cystic acne. Further measure: my DENTIST prescribed me Xanax. (I prefer the wort.)

Now I've developed Doubts (theological doubts, hee) about the current Icelandic--I think the green contrast color isn't enough of a contrast. Oh, well, it's all experience, and maybe somebody will want it anyway. ;-)

How much fun would it be to get Atsu and Orien together? With leaves?? *happy fantasizing* And, once again, Paraiso wigs absolutely rock my universe. This one could use a little more styling, but I was short on time to fuss.

There is far, far too much stress in the world. Bah! And thanks for the good thoughts--the first year after the funeral year is so strange and unpredictably sad.

oo i love those eyes in him!! he looks more serious versus mean or evil or something -- ooo!!!

I'm sorry about your mom. I know tomorrow is going to be hard. &&HUGS&&

only 6 weeks, omg, 6 weeks goes by in NUFFIN flat!!

It's funny--I switched him to a pair of lovely root-beer brown ED eyes, and I think the generic black ones suit him better. They look like blank black holes on everybody else. *scratching head in puzzlement*

*&&HUGS&& back, plus an extra one for the Birthday Week Girl*

Keahi: He's really pretty huh mom?

me: That's for sure. Look at him posing so beautifully.

Keahi: Mom do you think I could have a Kimono and be angsty.

me: Well sweetness the kimono is possible....

Keahi: :::throws more confetti:::

*under cover of the confetti, while Keahi is momentarily distracted:* "Posing so beautifully," indeed. Tsk, tsk, tsk.


Lyon--another glasses wearer, please remind Keahi--says that angstiness is highly overrated. An amused tolerance for the follies of human- and resinkind, that's the sophisticated man's attitude. I quote. ^_^

my mom was my true hero,now i just think of her having special powers as she exists all across the universe..blessings on your moms birthday..celebrate her!

Oh, what a wonderful thought! You just gave me a burst of good energy, as I head into the workday--

***hugs*** for you and your memories of your mom!

It's amazing scrolling through my flist . . . I was offline all day today . . . and it seems so many people are stressing out. >.<

Wonder what the moon is doing . . . definitely waning right now. I am so sorry to hear about your mom, so I send you hugs and loves and all best wishes as you move through your week.

I adore your bishie here and the way you customized him with his wig and eyes, the amazing kimono . . . just wow!! *sends you lots of perseverance to get through* ^___^

PS - Mmmmm . . . love green . . . look forward to this sweater!! ;)

Green is my absolute favorite color--and after some doubts about my choice for the first contrast color in this sweater, I now think it's working reasonably well. We shall seeeeeeeee!

It does seem as if this fall is unusually fraught for a lot of people! Thank you so, so much for the good wishes and the hugs--they are always welcome. ^_^ Looking back, I remember what a frenzy I was in, at this time last year--I had two days left to finish emptying and cleaning Mom's house for the buyer to move in. But there's something about full-out crisis mode that's easier to handle than the bleak flat plane (plain? I don't know whether I want a geometrical or a geographical image there) of "normal" life after the crisis is over.

Oooh! He's so beautiful.......stares. I am a sucker for black eyes, so they get a thumbs up from me! :D

I am *madly* in love with him! And working on putting together a twin sister for him . . . both the head and the body are on their way from different points of the compass . . .

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