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And now, the pretty portrait, plus some dailyblahing

Liking the black glass eyes very much indeed:

Onward to the dailyblah:

*Current knitting project: an Icelandic in DollShe size, made from a lovely variegated yarn that I found in my basement stash (dark green/navy/charcoal).

*Only six more weeks of my current and heartily disliked position at work!

*Because I have no self-control when it comes to yarn, I bought many skeins of yummy stuff while I was out of town on Friday. Ideas are percolating, bubble bubble.

*Tomorrow would have been my mother's seventy-ninth birthday.

*If there were any light, I would take pictures of Atsumori in his tawny Paraiso fur wig, gray-green eyes, and philosophy-major getup (hiking boots, tattered jeans, a striped pullover, and two layers of vests against the autumn chill). Another handsome moody boy . . .

*Measure of stress level: at the age of fortyurgle, I find that my face has started to break out again. This is a small annoyance on the cosmic Tragedy-o-Meter, yes, but--ick.
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