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The ones that got away (a.k.a. the Lolly meme)

I had a ton of pictures saved, but lost them all when my old hard drive went kablooey. *sniffle* But I've gathered up a few since then, mm-hm.

But you know, what amazes me most when I look at my "Other People's BJD Pix" folder (yes, that's what I call it, because I have no imagination) is how many of those unbelievable, beautiful, unattainable dolls actually live with me now. There's the Evenstar Bella Auden who became Mally Lee. And Flynn, dear Flynn, who made me fall in love with BJDs in the first place. And DollTi D. And this unusual artist head from Yahoo!Japan . . .

Avvelenato. 'nuff said.

Two by Evenstar that I adored, but was broke enough to pass by:

And one by an artist whose work I like a lot on Y!J, secret-g-b:
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