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The ones that got away (a.k.a. the Lolly meme)
Sasha Blaze
I had a ton of pictures saved, but lost them all when my old hard drive went kablooey. *sniffle* But I've gathered up a few since then, mm-hm.

But you know, what amazes me most when I look at my "Other People's BJD Pix" folder (yes, that's what I call it, because I have no imagination) is how many of those unbelievable, beautiful, unattainable dolls actually live with me now. There's the Evenstar Bella Auden who became Mally Lee. And Flynn, dear Flynn, who made me fall in love with BJDs in the first place. And DollTi D. And this unusual artist head from Yahoo!Japan . . .

Avvelenato. 'nuff said.

Two by Evenstar that I adored, but was broke enough to pass by:

And one by an artist whose work I like a lot on Y!J, secret-g-b:

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YESSS!! Uh-huh! *nods head* I think all those choices are absolutely scrumptuous and can understand why you love them sooo. ^____^

As I look at these four, I definitely see a family resemblance--the rich soft mouths and the subtle eye shading. They'd fit RIGHT in here, if someone would just magically send them my way . . . ;-)

Oh My ... Avvelenato ... yum, one of these days ...
Isn't it nice to have some of your dreams!
I am sure your Mally Lee is in many "Other People's BJD Pix" folders!

Avvelenato + Tsukasa = hyperventilation time. There's also an Avvelenato Yukinojo that breaks my heart. But the Avvelenato picture that's on my desktop at home is one that I can actually reproduce, and plan to, heh: a Hound wearing those Volks emo glasses that Mercy's Trent wears, reading a book, wrapped in a fabulous Cowichan-style cardigan knitted in orange, rust, and cream. I have the glasses, I can make or find the book, and the cardigan is within our power. :-)

I truly do have to pinch myself to realize that the dolls who have come to me, especially this fall, really ARE here.

oooooooooooo these are all so wonderfuL!!

this was the funnest meme ever!

omg i've had WYAYYY too much red wne. did I just type "funnest" ?? glurgh.

This was DEFINITELY the funnest meme ever! And, er, yeah, you did type "funnest." Also "wne." LOLLLLLL ROFLLLLLLL

Lovely guys :)
I know the Evenstar Kohya went to a good home ^-^

Ohhhhhhhh, I *am* glad . . . ;-)

*takes deep breath* Would you mind awfully if I friended you? I keep enjoying your posts and comments.

The Tsukasa is utterly tears-of-pure-joy-worthy.

ooooooooo, hellohellohello! And welcome! Also, ditto for your posts and comments, though I'm always too shy to make overtures. *insert eyeroll at self*

It's such a nice surprise when somebody wanders over here . . . I can't get used to the idea.

And the Tsukasa, oh, the Tsukasa, *piteous moan of longing*.

oooh.. *swooons*......
that Avvelenato Tsukasa and Evenstar Tohya....so gorgeous !
I remember them !

WOW...!!These are definitely unforgettables!

The Tsukasa, especially, makes me drool and sigh with hopeless longing. Flynn was the first BJD I fell in love with, but Uno was the second . . . I've had a Tsukasa Thing going on ever since. I s'pose if lightning can strike once, it can strike twice, huh? ;-)

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