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Sorry, friends, no pretty boys tonight.

I've been trying wigs on Kanbei most of the evening. Results: not worth photographing. Almost everything looks at least okay on him, but it's that "meh" level of okay that doesn't inspire me to snatch the camera and crawl around on the floor with him. (Er, you know what I mean. ;-) I still think his default wig is *perfect* for the Kanbei in my mind, as well as the doll in my living room. Now, being silly and tired and frustrated after only one day back at the office, I'm actively worrying about what I'll do when his default wig gets all ratty and decrepit.

Also, how impossible is it to find or afford le vrai Isao default wig? I'm thinking that one might be the hotness of hotness on Kanbei for a change.

Instead of pretty boys, how about a pretty girl? I love this one; she's a repainted Tonner fashion doll, the Sydney Chase headmold, by the Korean artist k.s.h. Doesn't she look like Teresa Wright or Jeanne Crain, circa 1948?

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