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Boredom, Unoa-style
Sasha Blaze
Shunshou the Mighty here.

I am bored.

Even though I now know where the best French fries may be purchased in this small town, I am still bored. There is very little for a Shinto deity to do in Kansas. And not enough people visit my shrine.

Still, I approve of the offerings that my worshippers present to me by mail. My hypnotic blue eyes (see my hypnotic blue eyes?) were most welcome. I will shower blessings on thelyn for sending them to me.

Apparently it is illegal to send sake through the mail in this state, however. The human who keeps my shrine says that we must have "a talk" about the visit that the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms officer paid the other day.


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I love you, Shunshou the Mighty.

See if you can't have a talk with the powers that be to throw a little luck my way, whaddiya say?

Lovin' your ears, little dude.

Is that wig a riot, or what? It's one of sewaddictd's.

The ears are really antennae for good luck! ((((hugs))))

oo ... love the eyes ...are they 10 or 12 mm?
I wish I could look as gorgeous when I am bored! Ahhh...... Love his shirt too!

Those are 10mm--Eyeco Morning Sky--I love the gleam of them (as if he needed to look more wicked than he already does, lol!). And isn't that little shirt cute? I bought it on eBay, from a seller who goes by "anniestoo"; she's making simple hoodies in nice fabrics for all sizes of BJDs. I'm a huge fan of polka-dots . . . I HAD to have this one for Shunshou!

Never mind my question. Wow, and there are MORE THINGS on Ebay? *off in search of dots*

Sadly, all that seller seems to have up right now is a solid pink one in MSD size--I've never seen her repeat a fabric, but *surely* she has more of the dot fabric left? She's very, very nice, so send her a message and see what she can do!!

i would like submit a request to the mighty Shunshou, that he might show us his outfit....

and, if he is so willing, his option part.

I REFUSE to take pictures of the option part. Mainly because it isn't blushed, hee.

The outfit is just his Mio jeans and the hoodie--I wasn't feeling all that creative this afternoon. And anyway, the wig is enough decoration for one dude, don'tcha think? ^_^

I can blush that.

If I can do Teronicus the Nudist and Saiki boy (does he have a NAME yet?) I can blush anything.

Hee! It's very, VERY small . . . but when we do the Saiki-girl project, I'll send it along. Actually, I have another logistical problem right now, in that the "everyday" option part is totally stuck in the little attachment hole, and I think it will take pliers to pry it out. *sigh* BJDs are SO high-maintenance . . . lol!

And I've been going back and forth & back and forth & BACK and forth on names for Saiki-boy--I think I've called him that for so long that no other name wants to stick. I tried Kiyomasa but didn't think it worked, and now I'm sort of calling him Naoshi (with the idea of calling his sister Naoko or Naomi), but I'm not sure I like that, either. Pah.

hum, if I remember correctly, there isn't much for anyone to do in Kansas...well a few things, like making crop circles.

awww, darn, so the sake sending is out...hum, I guess onigiri probably won't make it very well either. hum.

(very cute photos, btw :)

Hrm. Onigiri would probably ferment on the way . . . and plain mochi would get moldy . . . shoot!

(Thanks! ^_^)

He just wins. I love him, love him. The posing (first pic, gah!) is awesome, and I love his bubbly shirt! AND WIG! Love.

The eyes are absolutely delicious, what are they? They look fantastic with his faceup and, with all the greys in these photos, he really glows.

He's really floppy--it's getting harder and harder to make him hold a pose for long enough to take a picture, but the Unoa jointing is so well-engineered that it's letting me stave off the restringing project for a while. (I'm afraid to restring him because I don't want to nick or rub his faceup and hand/foot painting. Feh.)

He's so adorable... I love the ears! And his broed expression is awesome!

If ever there was a perfect little guy for a kitty wig, this is THE one . . . heh heh heh . . . and actually, I think I have the original Unoa tail around here somewhere . . .

(Deleted comment)
Hee! My neighbors across the street have a huge fairy-ring of mushrooms that pops up every time we get a lot of rain . . . now I think I know where it came from . . .

Awwwww he is so cute!! I love his ears, he looks very fluffy ^-^

That wig is the funniest thing--and the real Unoa cat ears don't want to stay in Shunshou's head slots unless I putty them and fiddle with them, so this is a lovely, simple way to give him kitty attitude. Plus, yes, fluffiness!

I ♥ Shunshou, he looks so cool! That's such a fab hoodie (love polka dots), the colours suit him perfectly and the eyes are amazing.

He is such fun--I love his wicked little face! As soon as I saw the bubble hoodie on eBay, I knew I HAD to have it for him . . . who else has the attitude to pull it off? ;-)

He almost made me think of a Unoa!! So maybe he's Unoas' brother!! ;) Just playing with you!! These are some really fun photos and I really like his mischievous face.

My gawd woman, how many dolls do you have? Every other time I see you post you have another new doll to share . . . heh, you and celticgeekess!! ;P


And it's, er, ten BJDs, not counting Saiki-girl's headless body (the head is on the way from Japan) . . . I DID sell three this year and I'm vaguely contemplating selling one more, maybe . . . *sheepish grin*

A fuzzy-eared Shinto deity in polka-dots!! I nominate his picture to appear alongside the dictionary definition of "sublime." Poor lamb ... needs more pilgrims ... I sometimes drive through Kansas on cross-country trips! ;)

In possession of a healthy ego and lovely hpynotic eyes ... yep ... my kind of deity.

Shunshou's ego is somewhat more than healthy . . . *sigh*. I'm just crushed that I lost all my older pictures when my hard drive crashed in August, because I had (if I do say so myself) a couple of rather nice Shunshou-introduction photostories. They involved his annexation of my Tonner Matt O'Neill doll's wardrobe, and his discovery of French fries. ;-)

Which of the interstates do you take across Kansas??? I'm three blocks from an I-35 exit!

It can only feel like having a house fire, losing the record of memory. I'm so sorry. I don't doubt for one second they were "rather" nice.

Usually 70 if I'm booking ... but if I'm hungering for the Kansas prairies of the southwest quadrant, I'll toddle down 335 and 35, then brave the lovely blue highways through the smaller burgs.

It was the blessing of growing up in an academic family that come close of spring semester, we'd pack up the car, attach the trailer and travel until the first class of fall semester. I can't manage three months a year off in my present capacity, but I also can't get the road bug out of my system.

It's do-able!! Next crossing will likely be next summer. *ponders appropriate shriney gifts for a diety intrigued by french fries*

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