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Boredom, Unoa-style
Sasha Blaze
Shunshou the Mighty here.

I am bored.

Even though I now know where the best French fries may be purchased in this small town, I am still bored. There is very little for a Shinto deity to do in Kansas. And not enough people visit my shrine.

Still, I approve of the offerings that my worshippers present to me by mail. My hypnotic blue eyes (see my hypnotic blue eyes?) were most welcome. I will shower blessings on thelyn for sending them to me.

Apparently it is illegal to send sake through the mail in this state, however. The human who keeps my shrine says that we must have "a talk" about the visit that the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms officer paid the other day.


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Hee! It's very, VERY small . . . but when we do the Saiki-girl project, I'll send it along. Actually, I have another logistical problem right now, in that the "everyday" option part is totally stuck in the little attachment hole, and I think it will take pliers to pry it out. *sigh* BJDs are SO high-maintenance . . . lol!

And I've been going back and forth & back and forth & BACK and forth on names for Saiki-boy--I think I've called him that for so long that no other name wants to stick. I tried Kiyomasa but didn't think it worked, and now I'm sort of calling him Naoshi (with the idea of calling his sister Naoko or Naomi), but I'm not sure I like that, either. Pah.

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