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Insane squirrellity: two new Dollshe sweaters!
Sasha Blaze
Touch Football: all wool, rolled edges, pulls over the head. $37 shipped anywhere. (Actually, I've had this one on Saiki-boy's SD13 bod, too, and it works quite well--just roll up the cuffs and roll down the neck a bit more.)

Moonlit Forest: wool/acrylic blend with wool and acrylic accent yarns, snap closure in back. $37 shipped anywhere. If you're seeing subtle striping in the body yarn, your monitor is accurate!

Oh, yeah . . . Paypal addy is drmatilda AT cableone DOT net.

ETA: both of these are now spoken for, but there are more in the works! Someday I'll even manage to finish the white cabled one, urgle.
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mmm me lovey!!! hey i owe you for oliver's sweater right? LMK how much - dang we shoulda just taken that out of your eyeball purchase.....

lyon is so gorgeous.

me me can I have the first one, or did you sell them all out already.

let me know.

Thine, thine, all thine! Eeeee, thank you!!!! (I got three skeins of the nicest wools when I was at the yarn shop weekend-before-last: this chestnut heather, a lighter tan heather, and a black/reddish-brown marl.)

C, you are so talented and I want to own a piece of your incredible work!!! I'm really drawn to that second sweater, is it still available?

Awwwwww, *blush*--I'm so glad you like that one, because I was happy with the way it turned out! I keep forgetting what kinds of yarn I have in my "old" stash, and that variegated body yarn was a lovely rediscovery.

It is all yours, and thankee kindly! <3 (I'll put the brown leather pants for Jim in the package, too--I'm telling myself I know *exactly* where they are--)

Gahhhhhhhh, I got here too late to nab one!! I am going to NEED atleast one more sweater!! GORGEOUS WORK as always!!

PS - I did a photoshoot with my bishie in his wonderful sweater from you this weekend. Will post today!! ;)

There will be plenty more!! You said that you like green, am I right? I have tons of a lovely rustic green heather, and I'm definitely planning to play with ideas for it. ;-)

I'm so glad you like the blue/burgundy/gray one!

very nice, love the second one. beau isn't planning on taking his off anytime soon!

Blues and greens and foresty colors . . . I love them, too! I'm so looking forward to the looooong weekend, with lots of time to watch DVDs and knit. *happy sigh*


I hate being poor....

...and slow.

Heeeyyyy, I'ma gonna keep a-knittin'--and you know I'm always up for a trade, uh-huh!

I love your sweater. Can you commission one for my SD16 Hunter?

You bet! *blush* I have the proportions for SD16 written down, and can definitely reproduce them. Think about what kinds of color combinations you like, and whether you'd like the rollneck or the yoke-pattern style, and send me an e-mail, okay? drmatilda AT cableone DOT net

I simply adore your sweaters ... I have drooled over them for as long as I've been lurking your LJ (which is longer than you might imagine ... I'm not very good at putting myself forward).

The second one makes me swoon ... deep earthiness. Colours I keep in my mind.

However ... I have a special project in the cooking, for which I could use a baggier cable (very fisherman-knit like) for a DS lad. Would you be willing to take the commission? You'd be making two of your LJ friends insanely happy!!

Ahhhhhhhhh . . . I WANT to say yesyesyesyes, but . . . for some reason, knitting cables without a good, solid, proven pattern makes me want to climb the walls and make pathetic hooting noises. I've had an adapted Sasha-sweater pattern with cables in the works for, er, four or five months now--I can't bring myself to work on it, and it isn't even complicated! *eepers*

However, I do have an idea for your Sekrit Project, since I'm so useless in this particular direction. You know who's knitting truly fabulous (and intricate) fisherman sweaters for BJDs? Lisianthus on DoA. Her name is Barb; she lives in Massachusetts, and I know her from the fashion-doll world as well as BJDs. The pattern she's developed is SD16 size, but it only needs an inch of extra sleeve length to be perfect for Dollshe bodies. You might PM her and see whether she's willing to knit a longer pair of sleeves; I'm betting she is. :-)

I shall follow up on this, and thank you for making the suggestion. But I want to bring something of yours into the Sekrit Project. I don't want to abandon this thought.

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