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Thankful for . . . this is REALLY random, be warned . . .
Sasha Blaze
Friends who listen to me patiently and kindly when they call and find me freaking out with the depression and the angst and the woe. (Yes, L.F., this means YOU!)

People who take the trouble to invite waifs and strays for Thanksgiving dinner.

Students who actually want to learn. Class clowns who keep the mood light. Good colleagues to share the classroom war stories.

Squirrels. I know they're nuisances, I know they chew wiring, I know they eat all the bulbs I plant, but . . . they make me smile.

The resin, of course. And the people who make the resin. And the people who keep the resin. The combination has helped me get through a lot of bad days in the past year or so.

The American Association of Colleges and Universities, which thinks it's actually worthwhile to send twenty people to California for a month to learn something new. And all the other foundations and associations and organizations that still believe learning new stuff is important, and put their money on the line to make it happen.

Sheep. Alpacas. Musk oxen. All the beautiful, patient, fiber-bearing animals. And whoever first rolled fiber into a cord, looped it around a stick, and grabbed another stick to fiddle with the loops.

The people who do all the sad and dangerous and dirty and ugly work of the world. The people who immigrate to a strange country with a strange language, hoping to make good lives for themselves and their families.

Blessings on us all, my friends--here's hoping we get whatever kinds of blessings we need most, whether we know it or not!

And now I need to get cracking and bake my grandmother's gingerbread recipe, to take to the Thanksgiving dinner I'm going to . . .

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Very good things to be thankful for.

Tonight at dinner about 40 people will talk about being thankful. And this year I'm going to say I'm thankful for 80 people I don't know but who are kind to me on a regular basis on my journal. People who encourage me to do better, to see more clearly, to entertain and be entertained by. *sigh* Okay I'm frelling tearing up.

Oh, and Kapono is thankful for whoever taught you to knit. Just saying.

That's my friend Pauline in Liverpool! We swapped crafts, the year we were both in grad school in Edinburgh: she taught me to knit, and I taught her how to do counted cross-stitch. I think I got the better end of the deal. ^_^

Tears aren't bad at all . . . at least, some tears . . .

The Internet. Or perhaps Tim Berners-Lee. What the heck ... all of it: the constellation of brains, dreams, visions and technology that conceived and created this unprecedented form of communication. It has linked my life to ideas and events and things and, most importantly, wonderful people I otherwise never would have known ... people who enrich my days and help me rediscover myself.

The Internet has made it possible for me to pursue a career doing what I'm best at, to manage the task of single-motherhood more gracefully, and to find myself in the sweet position of being able to get to know you.

Oh . . . *sniffle* AGAIN!

And yes, a thousand times over: as dearly as I love books and magazines and newspapers--all the slow forms of knowledge--I can't begin to count the ways that the Internet has added to my joy and interest in life. There are plenty of good, kind people in the small town where I live, but if I had to tailor my interests and my conversation to the people close at hand, especially now that those dearest to me are gone . . . mmmmmyeah, my life would be very different, and much poorer (by my own standard, anyway).

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