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Pictures! Completely unmotivated pictures!
There really is no rhyme or reason here--just some pictures I've taken recently but didn't get around to posting.

First, my latest (and probably last, at least until I venture into the high-end territory of yellow-eye and no-nose) Sasha acquisitions: Anika and baby Simon, from the later Goetz production. All my other Sashas are Trendons, and I've always been partial to the Trendon vinyl color and face painting, but this is as pretty a pair as I could hope to find.

Lyon, just because:

Saiki-boy, in a wig and a pair of eyes that I had been planning to sell until he latched onto them:

And one more to grow on:

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Liking those eyes on Saiki boy! And Lyon is just...love.

As is the S-t-M avatar. ^_^

You gave me the idea to put eerie light eyes on the bad boy! These are the Soom Spotted Gray--Lyon looks better in MP Silver Fox, but now I'm definitely keeping the Sooms for this 'un.

Yup, I had me a little avatar fun this week . . . ;-)

Oooh, the Saiki boy is definitely an intense gazer, isn't he? I feel like he's trying to figure out what color underwear I'm wearing! O: ......>D

And Lyon is beautiful, but the picture amuses me because Kin has that same flowered shirt! Cute! X3

I just love that Luts flowered shirt! Cute is the only possible word for it, lol.

And my general feeling about Saiki-boy is that, once he's figured out what color underwear someone is wearing, he automatically views it with contempt and disgust. Or at least intense boredom. ;-)

Lyon is serenely lovely as always, but that Saiki boy just pins me to the wall with that gaze.

LOVE the Sashas....The earlier dolls do have their charm, but these two are just beautiful!
I miss the store.

I can make Saiki-boy look a little less intense with darker eyes (I'm really liking a pair of ED #15s that I bought on DoA), but only a little . . . I still need to get him together with Sejong, and have an arrogance contest. ;-)

I've been jonesing for a brunette Sasha for quite a while now, and thought it would be fun to have one of the lighter late Goetz ones--and I got a lovely deal on Anika and Simon from a Sasha person who wanted them to stay together. Yay whee! (I was almost shocked at how rosy-cheeked baby Simon is, when I opened the tube: except for the outfit, he could have come straight from a Rubens portrait.)

eeeeeee i always love to visit your lj to see the beauties

funfunfunfun! ^_^

And I'm still plotting the "Mally Lee puts her white lace underwear and fur coat to good use" photoshoot . . .

Those are really nice Goetz dolls. The one baby I had was really dark. I have a few others from the beginning of production which I like, but the first one, Marianne, I wish I hadn't bought and now can't sell because she was strung too tight and has neckline caving. I may still try. I don't know why the quality was so bad for the first dolls. They should have never sold them.

and the boys, ummmmmm!

That whole later Goetz production is sort of a mystery to me--I need to do some more reading up on it, though I'm not sure anyone knows the things I'm most curious about (like, what on earth were Goetz thinking when they made the stringing so different from the early Goetz and Trendon Sashas? And why use such weak vinyl, if you're going to make the stringing that tight?).

On the Sasha yahoogroups, there are people who really enjoy the project of repairing caved or stand-dented or otherwise damaged dolls--you might try joining the big one, Sasha Mart, and looking for a knowledgeable buyer for your Marianne there. I get the impression that a lot of Sasha buyers are avoiding eBay in favor of buying and selling through the groups.

The boys say ummmmmmmmm back at Inara Sizu! ;-)

Thanks a whole lot for the reference to the yahoo group, I will look into it. I do have one boy still for sale on Ebay, and others I may put up, and I didn't think of looking for groups.

It would be good, because I also have a Trenton Doll that's head piece inside came loose so now her stringing is all loose, and my old Goetz who's elastic broke after years and years and I need to restring her. I think when I do tho, having the bjds definitely will make it easier! (taking them apart and all)

Hum, maybe I should look for a Fashion Royalty Group?

Inara AND all the other girls say ummmmmmhum back at your boys! Silly girls~

You remind me that I should take pics of my Sasha Gregors. They lounge all over the house. *g*

Oh, do!!! I would LOVE to see more Sashas on the flist--I know there are a bunch of them lurking in the background. It's an interesting challenge to take pictures that make them look "alive," too.

*fangirls wildly over Saiki-boy*

You have such gorgeous dolls!!

-- A ^_^

I have been soooooo lucky . . . and extravagant, hee! I'm SO glad I jumped on the Saiki head when I saw it on Y!J last spring--I *still* don't know how I worked up the nerve to buy such a pig in a poke.

OMG ... you have Sashas!! I have a Sasha ... I love her. Yes, Trendon. My mum got my sister and me Sashas the Christmas I was 13. A blonde one for my sister (who is blonde) and a brown one for me (because I am brown ... or used to be). I have always always loved my Sasha. *mad dash for camera*

The lads are gorgeous. The Saiki-boy (wow) is really tugging at me ... when I'm able to post pics of my latest acquisition, perhaps you'll see a similarity that helps explain this. ;) Pity I can't navigate the artist's site satisfactorally ... no facility with these characters.

Oooooyeah!!!! Take pictures of your Sasha!! There are a LOT of Sashas silently hanging around on the flist--yours, mine, blukat's, keiki_boys's . . . I think celticgeekess might have some . . .

One of the great adventures of my childhood was convincing my parents (how???? I can't remember at all) that it made sense to let me mail-order a special toy from Hamleys in London. I think I was 10 that year--I desperately wanted the stuffed Mr. Badger in his dressing gown, and I do remember how exciting it was to calculate the exchange rate and go to the post office for the international money order and write to Hamleys with my order. I was heartbroken when Hamleys wrote back (very kindly; I'm sure they could tell they were dealing with an overwrought little girl) to say that they had sold the last Mr. Badger, and that I should choose something else instead.

When I went back to the catalogue, I spotted a handsome dark-haired boy doll that I hadn't noticed before . . . and so Gregor came to live with me. Mom and Dad really got into the Sasha thing--more than I did, to be honest--and for the next couple of birthdays I got a blonde Sasha Ginghams and a Baby Gregor Nightdress. Then I thought I was too old for dolls, and the three of them waited patiently at my parents' house for thirtysome years, until I came to my senses again.

Anyway. There's an active and very pleasant online Sasha community, with two yahoogroups (Sasha-L and Sasha Mart)--I've really enjoyed diving back into the Sasha pool in the past year or so.

Ooooooooo, I want to see your latest acquisition! And the secret for navigating Japanese artists' sites, as far as I'm concerned, is (tantara!) http://tool.nifty.com/globalgate. Go to the lower (narrow) box, type in the URL, click the bubble on the lower left (the upper left choice is English to Japanese; the lower left choice is Japanese to English), and click the small square button on the right. The lovely translated site will open in a new window. Nifty does produce a certain level of word salad, but I think it's better than Babelfish.

Your Saiki boy have such a sexy gaze..what bedroom eyes he has *~~*~*
Lyon is beautiful as ever ~*~*
Sweet dreams **~*

Bedroom eyes, oh, yes! I really think the Saiki head rivals CH Jun in The Gaze sweepstakes. ;-)

I love 'completely unmotivated pictures'......especially when they are as gorgeous as this. I love Lyon's floral shirt (Brin wants one) and Saiki boy has such a penetrating gaze...makes me shiver!!!

Your Sashas are just so cute.

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving....or is it still going on, I don't rally know the official side of Thanksgiving.....

In terms of the "university is closed, woohooo!!!!" part, yes, Thanksgiving is still going on--I love extended state holidays, yes I do!

Today everyone is settling in to eat up the leftovers and decide whether or not to go to the mall for all the sales . . .

Isn't that Luts floral shirt nice? I wish they would make more like it. I'm eyeing the blue and brown ones that Iplehouse has in Dollshe size right now, too; this one's sleeves are decidedly too short for Lyon, but photo cropping is Our Friend.

I was not around during the Thanksgiving holidays and came back to LJ to find so many posts!! O.O

Loved the photos you posted here . . . your Lyon is decidedly handsome!1 ^______~

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